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Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad (303 Mhz)

Wayne Dalton


In Stock

Old Part Number: 02-3039 UH, 02-3039 U

Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry 303 Mhz for Wayne Dalton garage door opener models using frequency 303 Mhz Part No. 297138

  • Keypad
  • Battery
  • Mounting Screws
  • Instructions
  • Wayne Dalton part
  • Rotating codes
  • Wireless for easy installation
  • Operates up to four garage door openers
  • Frequency 303 Mhz
  • Numbers back light
  • Frequency: 303 Mhz
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 6"
  • Battery: 9 volt
  • Model No: 02-3039 UH
  • Part No: 297138
  • Code Set: Rolling Code
  • Buttons: 13
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Wayne Dalton
  • Warranty: Mfg 1 year
Compatible with: Works with all Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener models that use frequency 303 Mhz.
  • Classic Drive 3012, 3016, 3512, and any other Classic Drive models using 303 Mhz
  • Quantum 3211, 3212, 3213, 3312, 3313, 3412, and any other Quantum models using 303 Mhz frequency
You can look at the color of the antenna wire coming out of the powerhead unit to determine the frequency. For 303 Mhz frequency the antenna wire color is - Single wire - black, green, or white. Two wires - yellow and white


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Ask a Question
  • I have a3012 .I have 3 car remotes now can I use this one .as well.

    Yes this is compatible.

  • Will this work with model 3213 (a universal \'clicker\' says they do not support)?

    Yes this is the only compatible keypad for your unit.

  • Will this work with Quantum series 3213, model no. 3000 Mfg. Date 0198?

    Yes it will!

  • Will this opener work with model 3211 also?

    Yes it will.

  • My keyless entry keypad had a new battery and the unit flashes lights as expected when programed but I can\'t get the door opener to respond to the signal. Is there a set of instructions on setting up the key pad?

    You can download the manual here

  • My Wayne Dalton model 3213 has a sticker that indicates it operates at 300Mhz. Will this keypad operate with this Quantum opener? If not, is it returnable?

    3213 Units are 303 Mhz, and this keypad is compatible. We have a 30 day return policy if you need to send it back you can.

  • Hello. I was wondering if this part is returnable in case it doesn\'t work with our garage door?

    Yes, we have a 30 day return policy -

  • Our home came with this keypad. I have tried to program it via instructions from youtube and it didn\'t work. How do I reprogram it? I\'m thinking the instructions were incorrect.

    You can download the manual here

  • Can I buy a wired key pad to replace the current key pad which has stopped working. Key pad controls a Quantum 3000 series. If not will a wireless pad operate this model?

    There isn't a wired keypad for outside the garage. You will need to know the model number of your unit to match a compatible keypad.

  • I have model 3016 classic drive with green wire hanging out of it. I want a remote door opener from outside garage will this model work?

    Yes this keypad is compatible.

  • How can I change code on my wireless keypad?

    You can download the manual here

  • Is this opener compatible with the quantum series 3213?

    Yes it is the only compatible keypad for that model.

  • My keypad needs to be replaced. Will keypad 297138 work on my Quantum 3213 garage door opener?

    Yes, this is the correct keypad for that unit.

  • I have model 02-3039 UH. I am following the instructions in the manual on how to change the code, I previously had a 4digit code and need to change it to a new code. I\'m entering the *9999* then the new code. The yellow light does nothing after I enter the new code and It is not lighting green when I\'m finished with the steps. Should I be using the previous code we used instead of the manufacturer\'s 9999?

    If 9999 doesn't work, try the old code instead. If that doesn't work, you will probably have to reset it and reprogram it to the unit.

  • We can\'t get our wireless keypad to work. We followed all the directions on the inside of the panel. We also bought a remote and couldn\'t get it to work. We have a quantum garage door. The user manual shows model no. 3000 series 3312 and 3313. Can you give us some suggestions?

    This is the only compatible keypad for those series numbers. Make sure this is the keypad you are using. Follow the instructions for this keypad here - Replace the battery. Check if the keypad lights up. Do other wireless devices work with the unit? If non of those suggestions work and you have other devices operating the unit without issue, then the keypad probably needs to be replaced.

  • Will this for sure work with the Quantum 3212 series (Model No. 3000)?

    Yes, it is compatible with that model.

  • Is the W.D. 02-3039U a replacement for W.D. 02-3039 303 MHZ keypad?

    Yes it is. This is the correct replacement keypad for that model.

  • is model 02-3039U programmed the same way as Model 02-3039UH? I have the UH one that is not working, following instructions from manual of 02-3039U

    Yes, it is the same part.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton quantum model 3000 series 3212 date of manufacture 08 of 99 Well this keypad be compatible with my garage door opener?

    Yes it is the correct keypad for that model.

  • The keypad on the outside of the garage door no longer opens or closes the garage door. I replaced the battery, and it still doesn\'t work. I think that the code may have unintentionally been changed and we don\'t know what it was changed to. How do we reprogram the code? I pressed the \"Program\" button on the overhead unit and tried to reprogram a new code, but it\'s still not working. Is there a master code I can use to reset the code? Also tried using *9999* new code #, but that didn\'t work either.

    You can download the manual here

    It may also just need to be replaced if you can't get it to work.

  • Installing new Wireless Keypad Model 02-3039U. Can get only one of our two doors to program, and it looks like we should be able to program up to four. What am I not understanding about the step by step programming?

    That is difficult for us to determine without being there to see the steps taken. The instructions have to be followed exactly to get it to operate multiple doors.

    Press program button on motor. Press ON/Reset button on keypad. Enter *(star)9999(star) *, your four digit pin number, the number 2 (since you want to setup two doors) and hit the pound key. When the program light on your motor turns off, press the on/reset button the the keypad and your pin number to operate the door. If successful repeat this on the second motor.

    You may have to try this several times before you get it to work.

  • I have the Model 02-3047-3BUH... Is this remote compatible with my model?

    Yes it is compatible.

  • hello I have a 3212 quantum opener can I add a wireless key pad and still have the 2 remotes

    Yes, you can have up to 5 remotes and 1 wireless keypad on that model.

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