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Wayne Dalton Trolley Arm Attachment Operator Bracket

Wayne Dalton


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Old Part Number: 320787

Wayne Dalton Trolley Arm Attachment Operator Bracket

Wayne Dalton garage door opener bracket for connecting your chain, screw or belt drive garage door opener to your door. Fits directly over top section of garage door and attaches to built in strut. For models 9100, 9600, 5120, 5140.

  • Garage door opener bracket 320787
  • Hardware bag 321475
  • Installation instruction manual
Compatible with:
  • Compatible with all Wayne Dalton 9100, 9600, 5120, and 5140 doors
Installation Instructions - Click here to download manual

Questions & Answers

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  • Where is the model # located on the door?

    It varies. Sometimes there is a sticker with the model. Sometimes there is no model at all.

  • Will this part fit on form plastic insulated Door 19096?

    I am not familiar with that model. This is only compatible with Wayne Dalton 9100, 9600, 5120, and 5140 doors

  • Is this bracket will fit my existing Arm Rod Assembly? or I have to replace or modify anything? I already order one arrive today and just want to check before I install it.

    It should fit with your existing arm rod without modification.

  • How do I find the garage door model number?

    There should be a sticker on your door panels, or it may be listed on the owners manual.

  • Not sure what model I have. Insulated steel, has struts going across. This looks like it would work but not sure if this one or one that goes between struts. No opener on door currently. Where can I find model number?

    The model number may be listed somewhere on your door panels or in your owners manual. If it is not listed, there is really no good way to tell. You can compare your door to the models on the manufacturer's website to narrow it down -

  • Do I still need to install the strut or u-bar when using this? I have a 9100 door.

    Yes, you will need a support to attach the bracket to.

  • I have a WayneGard Series Foamcore. Wide Door. Product ID 9005-5. Will this work as a replacement? What was there prior was made up by someone.

    This should be compatible. There are many different types of operator brackets currently made and that were previously made but are no longer. You just need to look for one that will fit best with what you already had.

  • The bracket on our prodrive garage door opener model 3222C-Z broke into in between the top and bottom of bracket. Your bracket part # WD 322984 appears to be the exact one that uses a pin to attach the arm to the bracket. The electicity seems fine . Do you think this would work? Additional question: When this bracket broke, it jerked the screws out of the wall. Should we fill those holes with epoxy before replacing the screws.? They were really too short, in our opinion.

    If it looks like the exact same bracket, it most likely is and should work fine. You may have to reposition or reinforce the area you install it in so it doesn't come out again.

  • Will This Fit A Wayne Dalton 16 X 7 FCll Solid Door?

    Yes it is compatible with all Wayne Dalton 9100 (foamcore), 9600, 5120, and 5140 doors

  • Will this fit a Wayne Dalton 8100 door?

    No it is only intended for Wayne Dalton 9100, 9600, 5120, and 5140 model doors


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