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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring

Wayne Dalton


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Make life easier and upgrade to torquemaster plus now!

Replacement springs for Wayne Dalton Garage Doors using the torquemaster spring system. This specialty spring is made only by Wayne Dalton for their Torquemaster TMS garage door system.

Torquemaster Spring Steps

The information above is all we need or can use to determine what spring is correct for your door. Any other information such as part numbers, spring dimension, wire size, and door models is subject to variables and will not provide accurate or usable results. 

spring instructions


Some weight options are not available for the original style anymore. If you do not see your door weight when selecting the original style spring, you may to convert to the plus system. Select the option "Convert Original to Plus" under spring type to receive the upgrade kit with your spring. Kit includes all parts needed to change to the plus. 

Plastic spring sleeves are not included. Cones may be made out of varying material (plastic or metal) as manufactured.


Ask a Question
  • I received my new springs and the left one is longer than the right...Is this normal?

    Yes it is normal. We use different combinations of springs to equal your door weight rating. They will not be the same.

  • After installing new orig Torquemaster drums noticed that after opening door there was lot of extra cable slack. Upon inspection realized new drums not as big in diameter or length as old ones resulting in cable running out of grooves and riding on top of itself. Was told by Dalton staff this would not hurt cable. Surely this cant be normal! My cable was tightened per instructions. Suggestions?

    This is normal and the way all torquemaster cable drums are designed now. If your cable was tightened as advised, then everything should be fine and will operate without any issues.

  • I dont know how to find the right part spring for my garage door. i called a technician today and he said that it is not manufactured and the entire system needs to be replaced. i have the below in the label SHP tube ASM TMP 1185 16" DB 5032340941 Load Seq- 60 SSD 05/01/08 L.0 146X47.38,0.164X57.14.650

    Take a look at this guide on how to determine the correct replacement - click here

    You will need to determine the type (plus vs original), the height of your door and the weight of your door. If the weight is not listed on the label on your spring tube, use a bathroom scale to weigh the door with the spring cables slack or disconnected (spring tension on both sides released fully). Once you have those details you can order new springs.

  • I ordered and received my replacement torque master plus garage door spring. When I removed the broken spring there was a plastic sleeve around the spring, inside the steel tube. With the plastic sleeve on the new spring, I can not get it back into the steel tube. The plastic sleeve is now destroyed. Can the spring be installed without the sleeve?

    Yes it can be installed without the sleeve. You can also trim it down to fit the new spring size. Removing the portion of the sleeve won't effect operation either if you still want to put some of it back on the new spring. The sleeve serves as a noise dampener.

  • Just making sure , I have a 7 foot door ,125 lbs , torque master , so I have a left and a right , when I enter my info it comes up as double spring , is that correct , ? Just making sure that's 2 springs left and right

    Yes that is correct. Your door weight requires two springs, which are automatically included upon selecting that weight.

  • Hey what do call the plastic thing inside the metal pipe that covered the spring, thank you have a good one.

    It is called a spring sleeve.

  • we heard a noise last night and today discovered the garage door spring let go. the label reads 9x8FCII SOLID WT87spr,tm,w/driv,0.72x157x58.85,CLS,rh WAYNE DALTON 130126 TORQUEMASTER Installed 10 /2005 i think it is original. What do i need to buy ? Just the spring? Everything else looks ok

    Based on your information, if all the gears on the outer bracket are in good shape you can just replace the spring. It would be the original style based on date. Select Original Torquemaster, 8ft door height, 80-89lbs door weight.

  • 1. How do I know if I have a Single spring or double spring? 2. Also my sticker reads: 8X7 SOLID WINDLOAD CODE 0228 129X39.56 LH WINDLOAD CODE 0228 1-30 SPR, TM3 W/DRIV, 0.650X.129X39.56,OPN,RH,W/LINER 314963 TORQUEMASTER LEFTSIDE ..The Weight came to 50.4lbs so would I be right to order: Torque master Plus 7ft 50-59lbs? Thanks you

    50lbs seems a bit light for that size of a door, so you may want to double check that the spring/s are completely released and cables disconnected from the door and reweigh it.

    Based on that weight, you have a single spring system.

  • I have a125# door what is the ideal setting for the dials on the sides? Im ordering both springs new , the right side broke. Thank you for you for your asistance.

    It depends on the height of your door. Take a look at the last page of the instruction manual -

    This is the suggested setting. Some door weights will vary slightly.

  • do the new springs (original torquemaster) come with the plastic sleeves and are the springs lubricated? If you have to use the old plastic sleeves how do you get them back in the tube? Mine only want to go in fora foot or so and then bind. Will the new springs slide in the sleeve or does that take some tapping or winding up or ? Also, how do I identify the right hand spring? My door is 7ft and weighs 150lbs with the bathroom scale. should I get the 150-159# springs? The pn on the tube is 128639-ps. Thanks for any help,Jack One more thing, if I need to grease the springs what kind of grease should I use?

    The plastic sleeves are not included. Springs are prelubricated. You will have to trim your sleeves to fit inside the cones on your new springs. The sleeve should be on the spring prior to inserting it into the tube. They should just slide onto the springs without much effort. For double TorqueMaster spring systems, the left side spring is marked with a red slash of paint on the plastic cone at the end of the spring (left side when inside your garage looking out the garage door).

    Yes, you should select 150-159lbs.

  • I have a TorqueMaster Plus (2 spring) with a sticker on the tube that says TMP #1059, its a 16ft x 7ft garage door, and an old spring of 0.146 x 47.38. What should I put as the counter weight?

    The weight is not listed among the details you have provided. You will have to weigh your door with bathroom scale, spring tension fully disconnected from the door.

  • My door is weighing on the high side of 230s is it OK to step up to 240-249 spring?

    We recommend sticking with the weight range your door falls within. Purchasing a spring for a heavier door than you have can cause problems and potentially damage other assembly parts. You may not be able to get the spring to balance properly so you door won't fully close or open. Springs are rated for a specific range to make them properly balanced for your door weight.

  • Need complete package for 7ft high x 16ft wide by 181 lbs

    We only sell the replacement parts, not the whole tube assembly. Let us know if we can help you with what we have available.

  • I have a torquemaster spring, but the label says Bal Wgt 0, so I can't figure out which springs to order. The label has the following additional information: SHP TUBE ASM, TM #497, 16' SPRINGS 0.146X 52.51, 0.163X 63.36 I also measured the door - it's 16' wide X 7'9" tall. With that information, can you help me determine the right spring to order? Thanks, Omar

    If the balance weight is not on the label or listed as 0, you will need to weigh your door. Use a bathroom scale and release the tension on both spring to weigh.

  • I have a 16x7 garage door w/torque master plus spring. The weight is listed as 125 lbs. Should I go with the 120-129 double spring set or 130 - 139 spring set. here is additional information. 16X7 FCII SOLID 133X43.23 LH WT 125 11/15 SPR, TM3, W/DRIV, 0.650X.137X42.85, OPN, RH, W/LINER 314973 TORQUE MASTER LEFT SIDE

    You should go with the weight range your door falls under 120-129. 

  • I have a torque master original. The garage door 16\' x 7\'. The weight is 172.96 pounds. I found the springs on your site. However it states that the new springs may be a different size however they are the correct Springs. My question is that there is an inner rod in the tube between the two springs. If the springs are a different size how does that affect me being able to use the rod?

    Your new springs will not use that rod. There should be nothing else in your tube other than the new springs and the plastic spring sleeves (reuse your old sleeves and cut them to fit the new springs).

  • part number wd 314451 it come with the metal tube for cover the spring?

    This listing is for the springs with cones installed only. Neither the metal spring tube or plastic sleeves are included. You will have to reuse your current tube and sleeves.

  • is single springs mean 2 springs one for each side or is a double spring set 1 spring for each side?

    Single spring means one spring (right handed), and double spring set means two springs (one right hand and one left hand). If you select the height and weight of your door, the spring(s) you receive will be what is currently made for a door with those specs. It is automatically calculated.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton Garage Door. I cannot tell the weight of the door. The label shows the number zz1306435 (8\'x7\'). What is the torquemaster springs type for my garage door?

    The only way to determine the correct spring for your door is to have the height and balance weight. If the weight is not listed on your tag, you can use a bathroom scale to weigh the door. Be sure to disengage your springs prior to weighing with a scale.

  • I have torquemaster Pro system, 150-159lbs,part #314987 on tube.Needs be replaced probably both springs.what should be I ordering?

    You should select the options on this page that reflects the height and balance weight of your door. The correct spring size will be provided based on those details. You will also need to determine which style you have - plus or original. You can reference the description of this item for information on how to determine which you have.

  • I have 8x8 door with Torquemaster original (dual springs). The calculator says I only need one spring. 1) do I only need the one? 2) does the upgrade kit come with new flags (read somewhere they are different for the plus)

    That door size only requires a single spring now, so it would be just one. The winding assembly mounts to your existing flag brackets. If they don't line up perfectly (which is rare), you will have to drill new holes on your existing brackets. This typically isn't necessary.

  • Trying to determine if we have \"single or double\" spring Torquemaster. Label has WT 77, \"130121 Torquemaster\", \"8x7 FCH TOP\". Small sticker on each end had 2082301/2090601 on Left and 3082301/3090601 on Right ends of tube. Ends are \"Original\"?

    All doors weighing 60 - 119lbs will be a single spring system. Anything above that weight will be a double spring system.

  • I need to order replacement springs for a torquemaster orginal system but says the ones I need are not available. Do I need to upgrade to a plus system and what do I need to order to upgrade?

    If the spring size you need is showing as only available in the plus style, you will have to upgrade to the plus system. You can check the option for the plus upgrade kit below the spring options to add all the items needed for the upgrade to your order.

  • I followed the directions for replacing this spring on the Internet and the picture showing the installed spring states that the sleeve should be even with the end of the tube and approximately one-half inch of the spring should be protruding past the end of the sleeve in tube. After installing the spring and sleeve, however, the sleeve (when flush with the end of the tube) keeps the spring from protruding far enough out of the tube to allow the one-half inch of spring to extend past the end of the tube, per the directions. Is it ok to trim the sleeve the approximately 1 inch necessary so the spring can protrude the extra distance required in the directions?

    Yes, you must trim the sleeve to fit inside the cones of the spring. Trim it down as much as needed for the install

  • i have Torque Master plus spring right and left side and the height is 7\'\' long i don\'t know the weight the right side is broken do i have to change both?

    Yes you have to replace both at the same time. You will need to know the balance weight to order the replacement spring.

  • 1st. I have an original torquemaster(double spring) garage door system that is 7\' H. x 16\' W. and weight 191 lbs... but your weight options are between 180-189 lbs and 200-209 lbs. Which weight option should I choose? 2nd. Where can I purchase new spring sleeves?

    The spring you need is not available in the original style anymore. You will have to select the plus style and upgrade kit. The weight option for your door will be available in the plus style. Spring sleeves are not available, so you will have to reuse your old ones.

  • Can I use the sticker info to find a replacement for my broken spring?

    You can use the sticker on your spring to determine the height and balance weight of your door. View the instructions in the product description of this item for details on how to order the correct spring.

  • I have an original Torque master and the spring on the right side is broken. The weight on the sticker says 77 lbs. It is a 7ft high by 9ft wide door. Your parts list for this shows this as a single spring but I pulled the spring out of the tube on the right side and it separate from the one on the left. So what is the correct part to order? It is definitely not one long spring.

    The correct spring would be a single right hand spring. You may have two springs originally, but it is only made it in a single configuration now. You can use the winding cone from your left hand spring as a spacer on the left assembly.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton 130123 tork master spring. This is whats on the spring with drive 0.721 x 154 x 51. 02,cls.th05q3. Its broke What would be the replacement?

    The only way to determine the correct spring for your door is to have the height and balance weight. If the weight is not listed on your tag, you can use a bathroom scale to weigh the door. Be sure to disengage your springs prior to weighing with a scale.

  • What is the shipping weight of the double spring set?

    It varies based on the balance weight of the door.

  • Do I need to by the tube assembly with the torque master double springs or no?

    The tube is not available. You can purchase the springs, winding assembly, and cable drum set.

  • Do we need to order two springs to replace spring system on this garage door? Is there two springs in this type of system? if so does this $49.99 include two springs or do I need to order two?

    The spring/s will depend on your door balance weight. 60 - 110lb doors use a single spring now. 120-220 lbs use a double spring. $49.99-59.99 is for a single spring. $89.99 - 109.99 is for a double spring.

  • How do I know the weight of my door?

    You can find the balance weight for your Torquemaster spring by looking on the white sticker on your torquemaster tube (the metal tube that has the springs inside). Bal Wgt. or by weighing your door with a bathroom scale - disengage springs first.

  • Tag on spring reads 84#, I get a consistent scale reading of 79.5 #. What spring should I order?

    It is best to order based on what your scale reads.

  • I had a spring failure on my TorqueMaster and am looking for a replacement. The current unit is labeled: 16x7 TGII SOLID 146x47 .38 LH WT 161 DATE52107 SPR,TM3,W/DRIV,0.650X 143x45.72.0PN.RH.W/LINER I want to ensure I get the correct replacement part. Is the replacement a full assembly with the springs installed in the metal casing?

    We sell these as springs only. You will have to reuse your old tube and inner plastic sleeve. You have the Torquemaster Plus, 7ft height, 161LB balance weight based on that information. Simply select the spring type, height, and balance weight to reflect your door information and you will receive the correct set of replacement springs.

  • My door looking at it from outside on the left side door is coming down harder the the right side do I need a door adjustment or a new springs?

    You should try making and adjustment first and if that doesn't work, you make need to take it apart to see if a spring is broken.

  • I have Idrive model 3663-372. The door is 16 ft wide x 8 ft high 4 panel Wayne Dalton foamcore II/thermogard. Haven\'t dismantled yet. Any help on the type needed?

    You will have to use the information provided on this product page to determine the details needed to order. Spring style, door height, and balance weight are all required and can't be determined based on the information you provided.

  • Is this spring compatible for the right and left side?

    Springs are specific to door side. Single spring systems are always right hand springs. Double spring systems are a left and right hand set. They are not interchangeable with each side.

  • How to remove springs from tube? The right side spring is broken; the broken part fell out, but the remainder is still in the tube. The left side spring is still in the tube. I have pulled on it, but have been unable to remove it. Is there a trick to removing both the remainder of the broken spring and the unbroken left spring?

    Try using a broom handle or pole of some kind to push it out. You can also try from both sides. The tube should be completely empty before installation. Gently tap the tube on the ground to help dislodge the spring (careful not to bend or dent the tube).

  • how can i tell if springs are type original or plus ?? is info on tag?? have not dissembled yet

    Torquemaster Plus Spring is identified by its octagon shaped end cone. Typically this spring will be found on doors manufactured after February 2007.  Torquemaster Original Spring is identified by the cone's external splines and a rounded end. The Original style winding assembly also has a plastic counter cover gear with numbers on it. The plus style does not have this.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Spring based Garage Door which is not opening. Looking at the symptoms it looks like it has broken spring which is causing it to fail. I need to know where Can i get the parts locally. I stay in Bothell Washington ,98021. The garage doors repair service i called says they can\'t replace the torquemaster spring system and would like to modify the system to torsion springs. I am happy with the system and would like to know What spings and parts do I order for the repair?

    You can order the replacement springs from us if you are interested in DIY, or can line someone up to install it for you. You will need to know the door height, balance weight, and spring style. More details on this can be found under the product description 

  • how do I determine the weight of my 7ft 6 inch high by 8 foot wide insulated door?

    Usually the balance weight is listed on the label located on your spring tube (example - WT 120). If it isn't there or reads 0, then you will need to weigh your door with a bathroom scale. Be sure you disengage the springs by disconnecting the winding cables first.

  • I have torquemaster spring in my garage door, the drum cable is not rolling and cable is hanging when I open the door . I dis- assemble to check the spring and I found out nothing wrong with it, just in case I replace it, is the quantity for left and right spring are equal to 1 as a pair and worth $40.00? or $40.00 for each side of the bar.

    A single spring starts at $49.99 and a double spring set starts at $89.99. Double springs are a matching set rated for the balance weight you select.

  • Will increasing the weight rating increase the expected service life. My current one says 125lbs, can I use the 190lb spring?

    No, using a different weight spring than what is rated for your door is going to decrease the life expectancy of your spring, and all other assembly parts. You will not even be able to adjust the door to fully close with a spring that is for a heavier weight than your door. The door would also potentially come off track when opening. Only use the balance weight that matches your door.

  • Just wanted to verify - these are new springs, correct?

    Yes, all the parts on our website are new.

  • How do you get the springs out of the tube on the original TorqueMaster Counterbalance system? The spring on the right side broke and fell out of the tube but the one on the left is still in the tube. How do you remove the broken part?

    There may be a plastic sleeve stuck in the tube as well as the broken spring. You may have to take a broom handle and tap it in there to get it out. Be careful not to bend the tube.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster door spring assembly(130115) that has apparently broken it\'s spring. Additional label information is 16\'x7\' solid 130lbs, 135X40.55LH Spr,TM w/drive .0721X.143X 45.79 CLS RH. Confirmed door wt. as 130.2 lbs. Door was Installed in 2002 with original style winding assemblies. Can you confirm the correct replacement springs I need and weather I need to purchase the plus style winding and drum assemblies to complete this repair?

    To purchase the correct spring set for replacement, simply select the following options on this product page.

    Spring Style - Original (unless you want to upgrade to the plus)
    Door Height - 7ft
    Door Balance Weight - 130-139lbs

    The upgrade is recommended, but optional. If you decide you want to do it, simply change the spring style to plus and select the check box for the double spring set upgrade kit for $72. The original style winding assembly is no longer made, so we definitely recommend the upgrade so you don't have any issues when you reinstall it.

  • We are looking for Wayne Dalton Torquemaster #130119 Left Side Springs? It says SPR, TM, W/DR, 0.721X.146X52 .51.CLS.RH. Above that 16X8 FCII Solid 146x52.51 LH Wt 150

    To purchase the correct spring set for replacement, simply select the following options on this product page. Spring Style - Original (unless you want to upgrade to the plus) Door Height - 8ft Door Balance Weight - 150-159lbs .

    The upgrade is recommended, but optional. If you decide you want to do it, simply change the spring style to plus and select the check box for the double spring set upgrade kit for $72. The original style winding assembly is no longer made, so we definitely recommend the upgrade so you don't have any issues when you reinstall it.

  • I have a double spring system because of the weight of my door but I only need the right spring. Can I order just that or dose it only come in a set?

    It only comes as a set.

  • Two mastertubes installed had been working on the 16 ft door. Lately, I found the aluminum door is too heavy for me to lift with unlatched. I wound the winding screw one side (rigth), and felt tight. but, the left one is feel disengaged even after many turns clockwise truns. What could be wrong.? If the spring inside of the tube is b brocken, can I replace it?

    Sounds like you probably have a broken spring. Yes, you can replace broken springs. We sell them on this page.

  • I am replacing the springs on my door. I see the sticker with all of the specs on it but I dont see the weight anywhere on the sticker?

    You can find the balance weight for your Torquemaster spring by looking on the white sticker on your torquemaster tube (the metal tube that has the springs inside). Bal Wgt. or by weighing your door with a bathroom scale - disengage springs first.

  • I noticed my garage opener seemed to be straining so I lubricated it but it did not do very much. I then tried disconnecting the motor and the door was very hard to raise. The settings on both sides of the torque master shaft was 16 so I tried increasing to 18. One side was stiff to adjust but the other was very easy so I believe I have a broken spring. My question is whether there is any other mechanism which could cause this or is it only a spring failure which can cause this? Should I try and disassemble before ordering any parts?

    That sounds symptomatic of a broken spring, but there is no way for us to diagnose the issue accurately without being there. We recommend taking the unit apart to determine if it is broken, or call a local garage door company out for service.

  • we have a broken left spring on a two car size overhead door. the door is 7 feet tall but i don\'t see the weight on the label. the label reads: 16X TOP 164X57.14LH WINDLOAD CODE 0229 DATE11707 SPR, TM3, W/,0,650X,164X57.14,CLS,RH,W/LINER 314999 TOURQUEMASTER LEFT i know the springs are sold in pairs and i think this is the new stile so i\'m trying to find out which set of springs do i need?

    You can find the balance weight for your Torquemaster spring by looking on the white sticker on your torquemaster tube (the metal tube that has the springs inside). Bal Wgt. or by weighing your door with a bathroom scale - disengage springs first.

  • I have a Wayne dalton garage door. It has torque master springs door is 10\'x8\' balance weight is135.62 Spring info. Is tm 0.146 x 52.5 Rh. 0.135x45.08 lh 10. I need. Right spring facing door. From inside do you know the spring I need?

    No, you will have to replace both springs at the same time.

  • I have a broken spring. The numbers on the white label are Torquemaster MDL9700, Spring Info: TM, 0.176x72.75 RH,,0.180x75.43 LH, 16.00. I don\'t see a weight. My door is 16\' x 8\' and according to my scale, weighs 225 lbs. Can you recommend which springs I should purchase from your site?

    You should order the weight range that includes your door weight of 225. This will be 220-229lbs. This option is only available in the plus style spring now, so if you have the original style you will have to upgrade to the plus. Check the box for double spring upgrade kit to get the additional parts to upgrade to the plus.

  • I have a new house and after 3 years both of my door springs broke on my main large door. I have a 16\'x7\' door that really feels heavy but on the tag there is a 125 notation and a part number of 314973. I have the torquemaster plus spring set and I need left and right both. I have tried weighing the door with the bathroom scale but it does even show the 125.It seems to me that if both springs broke on the door that they must have put a spring set on that was not made to handle this door weight. Either the builders put on a spring set that was too weak to handle the door or the 125lb on the tag is the wrong weight. I want to know if I can buy a heavier spring set and put it on my door even if it is 125lbs? I need your advise on this situation when I can\'t get the correct weight of the door.

    Springs are rated for a life of 10,000 cycles. Two broken springs doesn't mean that they weren't the correct springs. If one breaks the other is likely to break when all the weight of the door is put on it alone.

    Using a different weight spring than what is rated for your door is going to decrease the life expectancy of your spring, and all other assembly parts. You will not even be able to adjust the door to fully close with a spring that is for a heavier weight than your door. The door would also potentially come off track when opening. Only use the balance weight that matches your door.

    The part number and weight you have match, so you should be able to enter the dimensions of your door and a balance weight of 125lbs and you will get the correct replacement spring for what you already have.

  • Are these both right and left for that price?

    Balance weight selection will determine price. Select the correct balance weight for your door and the price will be updated on the page. 60-119lbs are single springs. 120+ lbs are double springs.

  • On a WD Torquemaster Plus is there a difference between the right and left side springs? (they are inside the tube). Looking from the inside of garage, the right side spring is broken. Which one should I order?

    You will have to replace both at the same time. They are sold as a set.

  • I need new toquemaster spring metal tube. Is one included with spring? If not what is the solution.

    The tube is not included or available. You will have to contact a local dealer to see if that can be acquired.

  • my left side wayne Dalton torque master spring snapped and I need to replace it,do you guys sell them in pairs or I just need to get one I got two numbers one is ord:30431 and the other is 262860 ,hope you guys can help me out?

    They are sold in pairs. You will have to replace both at the same time.

  • For Wayne Dalton torquemaster springs, you don\'t ask for door witdh. How do I know I\'m getting the right size?

    Torquemaster springs as based on the door height and balance weight. We use the height of the door to determine the approximate amount it will be wound up and the weight to match the spring rating. These two factors determine what spring you need. Door width does not effect what spring you need.

  • I have a 2 car garage door, it\'s a Wayne dalton torquemaster plus . I need to replace 2 spring, no sure what is the part #. Info on left side on tube is. 314999. 164x57.14lh. Windload code 0230 Garage door info. Model # 5120/5140/6100/9100/9400/9600 Windload spec. Option code 0230 +25.90/-28.80 Can you tell me the weight of the door so I can order the spring?

    If the weight is not listed on the tube you will have to get it by weighing your door with a bathroom scale - disengage springs first. We can't provide the weight of your door with model information because it varies too much to be accurate.

  • There is \"orange\" paint on the spring i have, does this help indicate what the door weight is?

    No. Only actually weighing the door with a scale or finding the weight listed on the label with give you the balance weight. Color coding has nothing to do with weight.

  • I have a torquemaster plus insulated door that is 7\' tall and 10\' wide. I need a new spring set. How do I know what the balance weight is?

    If the weight (WT) is not listed on the label on your spring tube, you can weigh the door with a bathroom scale after disengaging the springs to get the balance weight.

  • Do the plastic sleeves come with the springs, or do I order them separately?

    The sleeves are not included or available separately. You will have to reuse your old spring sleeves - trimming them down to the new spring size.

  • Do these springs come with the splines in the ends?

    The cones come with the cones on the ends. Original style cones have splines, plus style cones are octagon shaped.

  • Original door 9x7 85lbs. single torque master spring. May 2011 broken spring ordered at Lowes, Wayne Dalton kept sending in wrong spring found out the replacement at that time was a double spring. (spring #48025174) March 2016 broken right spring I think. What spring do I order? Shows single spring online will single spring work in the double spring metal tube.

    The replacement spring for a 7ft high 85lb door will be a single spring. It will work in place of the double set. You will need to use the winding cone on the left side spring as a spacer in the left winding assembly to keep the tube up. Alternately you can order the upgrade kit for a single spring and it will include a special bracket for the left side so a cone is not needed.

  • I need an original single spring for a (Wayne Dalton single spring system) the weight of my door is 71 pounds ; height 7 feet and width 9 feet. Would I have to up grade to the plus system or could I just order the single spring?

    The upgrade is optional for your door weight. You can do either.

  • i need to order the [wayne dalton torquemaster one] spring for a 7 ft high door weight 77 lbs with the winding spring ends on both the left and right side. i notice that the single springs for this size and weight do not come with both winding ends. The single spring [noted above] on my door is broken it has winding spring ends on both sides how can i be sure to get the spring delivered with both ends?

    The only configuration available for that door weight now is a single spring. They don't make springs light enough to have two on a door that small. You will have to either order the upgrade kit and get the special left bracket for the single spring configuration winding assembly, or remove the cone from the left spring you have and use it as a spacer on that side.

  • We have original drive. Spring broke, want to make sure I am ordering correct replacement. 9\' wide, 6\'10\" tall, single spring, right hand side?

    You will also need the balance weight. If it isn't listed on the spring tube, you can weigh the door with a bathroom scale (make sure cables are slack) and use that for the balance weight.

  • Is this price $89.00 for 2 springs right and left or one?

    Yes that is correct. $89.99 is for a double spring set - a right and left spring.

  • I have a torque master tube that a spring has failed. How do I get the old springs out? Dual spring. 16 ft long tube. They do hear them sliding around in the tube and the good side is exposed however will not come out. Is the nylon sleeve preventing removal?

    You can use a broom handle or rod to force the springs out. There shouldn't be anything holding them inside other than tension from the broken springs.

  • I need to upgrade to the PLUS system and want to see if the ORIGINAL drum assembly would work with the upgraded system or if I need to change that out as well?

    You have to change the drum assembly at the same time as the rest of the parts to make it plus compatible. The old style is not compatible with the new springs.

  • Is this price for one spring or two?

    It depends on the balance weight. If the door size requires a set of two springs, it will be included in the price. Check to the side of the balance weight selection to see if it is for a single, or double spring set.

  • Need to update to new TorqueMaster Plus springs and update kit. Original info from installer left on the TorqueMaster tube shows 154 lbs. door and 7\' door height. Door weight is OK. I measure 8\' door height. Which height is appropriate to use when ordering?

    Go with the height you measure as that is what is accurate for your door.

  • how do know which spring is left and which spring is right?

    The winding cone is stamped with "right" or "left" and the left spring usually has red paint on the cone.

  • just purchased new spring and upgraded winder for original torquemaster set-up. the new spring is about 2/3 the size in length of original - did I order the wrong one - I did state it was a single spring system?

    If all the information you entered is correct the spring that you receive will be the spring currently manufactured for your garage door. The torquemaster springs you receive will not always match the length of your old springs due to the switch from an oil tempered spring to a new high tensile strength music wire spring. It may be different in length, diameter, or wire size than your existing spring, but it is the correct part that you ordered for the weight of your garage door.

  • My WD Door label states 18\' X 7\' Foamcore RP White ORD: 1351774 & Bal. Wgt. listed at 165.63. Which Spring replacement should I order?

    You will still need to determine the spring style (original or plus, details are found on this page under the product description). Looks like your door height would be 7ft and weight selection should be 160-169lbs.

  • I just received a new Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring replacement as my original spring broke. I notice the new spring does not have a guide rod inside the spring like the old one. Is it not required anymore? I didn\'t see a way to put the guide rod (if that is what it\'s called) in the new spring.

    The new springs use a different type of wire coil so they don't usually need the inner rod for support. If your spring didn't come with a rod, then it isn't required. You can install as is and discard the old spring and rod.

  • I\'ve located a orange sticker on the left side of the tube, and it labeled, \"16×7 FCII solid WT 125 torque master 314973 left side\". Is the door weight 125 lbs? If so, can I buy a 140lbs replacement spring? My right spring broke bc there\'s no tension on it when I turn it with a ratchet.

    No, you must purchase the spring for the balance weight range of your door. The springs are rated to lift a certain range and if you select an incorrect range the spring will not work correctly. Too light and it won't lift, too heavy and it won't stay down. There are many other problems that can occur with an incorrectly balanced spring weight. Mostly related to damaging parts outside of the springs.

  • I found a question already answered about the door width and spring length, but I still don\'t understand. The end of the springs is where the cable drum fits which needs to be directly over the edges of the door. Mine will require an exact length to match the width of the door. How can the width NOT be necessary when there are doors of different widths?

    Because the springs don't span the entire length of the tube. They attach to the winding assembly on either side of the door and the inner cone shape locks them into place so they can expand and contract freely inside the tube. Door widths makes no difference, only height and weight.

  • I have a Torquemaster Original spring and want to upgrade to the Torquemaster plus. Do I select the Original in the drop down list and then add the upgrade, or do I select the Torquemaster Plus in the drop down and add the upgrade?

    You should select the plus style and add the upgrade kit.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton Garage Door 8000 Series 16x7 with two (2) torque springs one has red cap measures 53\" and the other black cap measures 63\" I only need the one with red cap that measures 53\" do you have it? and that\'s the price?

    Please read the details provided on this page about the information needed to order a replacement spring. You will need to know the style, door height, and door weight. Springs are only sold as a set and have to be replaced at the same time to match.

  • on torque springs for torque master sale price 49.99 is only for what weight size . 130 weight came up at 80.00 per spring?

    89.99 is including both springs. The second spring is added at a discounted price (40.00) based on your balance weight selection. You get two springs for the price of $89.99.

  • What number is the balance weight on the orange label? Is it the number preceded by WT or is it one of the other numbers on the label.

    Usually it is listed like "WT 120" or "BAL WT 120"

  • I currently have a 16X8 Model 9600 R.P. TorqueMaster (std) 06QS 325229 it now has 1 broken spring can you point me the right direction for replacement springs for this unit?

    You can find all the information you need to fill in the options for ordering your spring/s on the label located on the left side of your garage door spring tube. The most important information is the balance weight. If the balance weight is not on the label, you will need to weigh your door. Use a bathroom scale and release the tension on the spring to weigh.

  • Compare the photo and the broken piece I have in my hand, the spring winding directions are opposite. Do I need to specify right mount in the ordering page? Mine is right mount

    No. Single springs are always right hand. Double springs will include both sides. You will receive the correct side for the size you order.

  • My Wayne Dalton 130129 Torquemaster spring has broken. It has this on the label. WT 100 SPR, TM,W/DRIV,0.721X,163X56 .90,CLS,RH What is the spring replacement part I need to order?

    You will need to upgrade to the plus spring to get that size. No longer available in the original. Select TM Plus as the spring style, and 100-109lbs as the door weight. Check the box for the single spring upgrade kit. That will include the additional parts you need to change over to the plus.

  • do you sell the torquemaster tube mine is bent ?

    No we don't sell the tube. You will probably need to look local for that.

  • I need to replace the springs on one that has a balance weight of 207.25?

    You can select the balance weight range to reflect that on our site. You may have to upgrade to the plus style system if you have the original. That weight is not available in the original style anymore.

  • How to install spring into tube?

    Installation Instructions: Torquemaster PLUS Spring Installation Instructions Original Torquemaster Spring Installation Instructions

  • I have a Wayne Dalton Torqumaster with the following info stamped on it, SPR,TM,0.72X.143X45 .79,CLS,RH 130115 TORQUMASTER wt 68 Do you stock this item and does it include new cables? If so what would be the cost and shipping to Brunswick Ohio?

    We do carry that spring based on the style, height and weight of your door. The cable drum set is sold separately. Shipping starts at $16.99 for that spring.

  • I have a Torquemaster Original -16X7 TGII/INT 140X44.20 LH WT 180. The spring is broken. Please tell me all of the parts I need to fix this. Do I need just the spring, or an upgrade assembly?

    You can order the spring for those specs in the original style or the plus style with an upgrade kit. The choice is yours.

  • I need the right hand spring, the left side is working, When I try to order it is giving me a set of 2. Door is 7\' 9\" x 18\' existing spring tube is marked 164#. Can I get just one?

    We only sell them as a set so they are equally balanced. There are many different combinations of springs that can lift a specific weight. We have no way of knowing exactly what your door has on it, so we must send both to be sure.

  • I have an original torque master with an 8ft door weighing apprx 110 pounds. The spring is broken. what is my best solution for repair, replacement of the spring?

    You will have to upgrade to the plus and get the single spring assembly upgrade kit (first checkbox below the options).

  • I have a 16 x7 ft door. Weight 175lbs. I currently have the torque master original spring set which has failed and the need to upgrade to that torque master plus spring set with 2 springs. What all do I need for this repair / conversion?

    If you want to upgrade to the plus style select torquemaster plus as your spring type and check the box below the weight option for the double spring system upgrade kit (+$72). This will include all the extra parts needed to upgrade (winding assembly and cable drum set)

  • I have SPR.TM3W/DRIV.0.650X.137X42.85.OPN.RH #314973. Left side. What spring replacement do I need to get? Are there two springs in the tube?

    You will need the door weight to determine that. It does appear that you have the plus style spring though.

  • Is there a way to determine which spring type you need without taking the old spring out first?

    Yes. Check the date from the label on the spring tube. If it is 2007 or later, you likely have the plus style. You can look at the winding assembly as well. If the winding assembly has a plastic dial with numbers on it, it is the original style. Plus style units will also have a TM3 referenced on the tube label.

  • I weighed my door, it\'s 169lbs, but my white label on the tube shows WT185. Which spring weight should I order?

    You should go with the weight on your scale as the most accurate information. Make sure you have both springs fully disconnected from the door before weighing with a scale. Residual tension can effect the weight on your scale.

  • your sale price for single spring is 49.99. when I fill in order it comes back as 118.98 plus shipping. what\'s the price?

    A single spring is $49.99. If you added the upgrade kit for a single spring system to your option set (check box below door weight), it adds $69 to the spring price for a total of $118.99. If you don't need or want the upgrade kit for the plus style, don't check the boxes below the door weight.

  • Does a torquemaster plus take 2 springs?

    Number of springs is based on the weight of your door. If your door weighs 120+ it needs two springs

  • Looking for advice on which spring to purchase? Garage door was installed in 2001. Markings on the bar sticker are as follows. 01Q1. 16x7 FCII Solid. Wt129. 135x40.55, LH. Sprt/mw/driv 0.721x.143x45.79, cls, RH1310115 torque master. I assume door weight to be 129 and height to be 7ft, just not sure if it\'s original or plus?

    If your door was installed in 2001 and springs have never been replaced, it is the original style.

  • How do i order an 18\' x 7\' Torquemaster Plus Spring? - mine broke inside tube and trying to replace - note: took apart - just need a new one. Bal. Wgt is 207.27 on original sticker V/R

    Select torquemaster plus as the spring type, 7ft as the door height, and 200-209lbs as the balance weight. Click add to cart, and checkout.


    Only if you are ordering the plus style and add the upgrade kit for a double spring set (includes cable drum assembly, and winding assembly for plus style). If you are ordering springs only, you will have to purchase the cable drums separately.

  • When purchasing Wayne Dalton Original Torquemaster, Height: 7 Feet, Length: 18 feet, weight: 150 - 159 lbs, It identifies itself as a Double spring set total cost: for quantity [1] $89.99. Does this mean I’ll receive two springs, for both sides of my garage door?

    Yes. This includes a left and right spring for your door weight.

  • I have a 7 foot tall Wayne Dalton over head door. It has he torque master plus lift system. On the rod that spans the door it states that the balance weight for the system is 101 lbs but I don\'t see replacement springs for a door with this weight. Do I just step up to the heavier size? One side of has broken so needs replacement.

    You need to upgrade to the plus style to get the correct size spring. Select Torquemaster Plus as your spring type, 7ft height, 100-109lbs weight, and check the box for the upgrade kit below that says single spring system +$69.

  • What is the cycle count on these springs?

    10,000 +/- Cycles

  • Are the torque master springs come already assembled to the tube?

    No, these are just the springs inside

  • My Garage door doesn\'t have a weight listed, I do know that the door is 16\'0\' x 8\'0\" in size. There is a weight Bal. 0 on a tag on the bar, and another tag that shows: Spring Information TMP ,#1067 , 16 DB ,l 0.146x 52.72.0164x 63.67 ,.650 QTY: 1 The door weighs aprox 200 lbs. just by feel. ( it is pretty heavy to lift. ) I know I will need a pair of springs, as I have disassembled the torque master spring bar . What spring set should I order?

    You need to weigh the door with a scale. We need an exact weight to determine the correct spring replacement. Estimating is not a good idea.

  • I need both springs. Does this package include both springs?

    Number of springs is based on door weight. If your door weight requires two springs to lift it, we will send a set. (120lbs or higher uses two springs)

  • do i need an upgrade kit for SPR,TM1,W/DRIV,0.650X.151X49.70,CLS,RH,W/LINER 314459 WT167? the door is 16\' x 7\' and is the torquemaster 8000.

    That is optional for your size. It's up to you though we do recommend it.

  • Good morning, I am looking to order the spring replacement for a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster plus, but I need to make sure I order the proper one. The label on the tube reads:? 16X7 FCII GLAZE 140X44.20 LH WT 150 9-27 SPR,TM3,W/DRIV,0.650X.146X46.01,0PN,RH,W/LINER 314987 TORQUEMASTER LEFT SIDE

    You should select, Plus as your spring type, 7ft as your door height, 150-159 lbs as your door weight and leave the boxes uncheck and click add to cart.

  • I have dalton garage door with original torquemaster spring system,what parts do i need to replace both springs,have 7x16 door 130-139 lb door 7ft lift?

    You can order the spring replacements for the original style or you can upgrade to the plus and get new winding assembly and cable drums. Its up to you.

  • Are there many different springs for a Torquemaster plus opener?

    Yes, nearly 100.

  • Is there a way to determine which spring is broken on a Torquemaster original w/ double spring system without disassembly? Garage door opener is recently struggling to open. The wire tension is about the same on both sides.

    You have to replace both springs at the same time when one goes out to get an matched set, so you shouldn't need to know which one is broken.

  • I need the end brackets for the original torque master 8100 can\'t find them on your website do you know where I can get them at?

    The winding assembly and parts for the original are no longer made. The original style and the plus style are not cross compatible. You will have to upgrade to the Plus. To upgrade to the Plus you will need to purchase new springs, cable drum assembly, and winding assembly. All in the Plus style. You can get all of those parts here by selecting the Plus style spring and adding the plus upgrade kit below the product options. 

  • My door is 7ft and weighs 77lbs. When I took my took my torque master original apart there were 2 springs but for that height and weight it says I only need one . Is this correct?

    Yes. They only make that as a single spring system now. We recommend that you convert to plus style and get the upgrade kit for a single spring system. This will give you the necessary parts to switch from double spring setup to single spring setup.

  • I know that I need two springs, however, I\'m a bit confused about the weight and which springs to order. The label says: 16x7 FCH SOLID 135X40.55 LH WT 130 SPR,TM, W/DRIV,0.721X.143X45.79,CLS,RH 130115 TORQUEMASTER LEFT SIDE Can you help?

    You will need to determine the spring style - plus vs original. Other than that it looks like you have a 7ft tall, 130lb balance weight door.

  • i have a double spring torqumaster-need to replace could not find door weight info on label so i used the bathroom scale method and came up with 90lbs-what system do i need to replace it?

    You will have to determine the style - plus vs original. That weight is available in both styles.

  • I purchased torquemaster plus springs. I didn\'t pay attention to which side the red spring was on when I removed them. I looked online and found conflicting manuals on which side the red spring goes on. These manuals are both from Wayne Dalton. From inside the garage looking outside. What side does the red spring go on?

    For double TorqueMaster spring systems, the left side spring is marked with a red slash of paint on the plastic cone at the end of the spring (left side when inside your garage looking out the garage door).

  • PER the label on the tube i have a 16x7 SOLID WLC 0230; SPR. TM3, W/DRV, 0.650X. 164X57.14, CLS, RH, W/LINER. I believe it is a Torquemaster Plus and door size 16\' by 7\' but I have no idea of the weight of the door?

    Looks like you will need to weigh the door with a bathroom scale to get the door weight. Make sure spring tension is released on both sides first.

  • I cannot seem to find the weight of my door. Winload code 0229. Does that help?

    No that isn't the weight. If the weight isn't listed you will have to weigh the door with the spring tension fully released on a bathroom scale.

  • on my label says: 18x8 9700 Glazed 180x73.49 LH WT 306 SPR,TM3,W/DRIV,0.650X.180X73.49,OPN,RH,W/LINER 314567 TORQUEMASTER LEFT SIDE I have no idea which is that, like Torquemaster plus or aoriginal Torquemaster I do not know where to look for weight and is it double or single spring?

    TM3 = Plus style
    Weight = 306lbs
    Double spring
    Door height 8ft

  • Our garage door\'s spring is broken (one of double set). We took off the spring and found we need order plus. But the problem now is we don\'t know the weight of our garage door. I tried to weigh it with bath balance. The reading is not stable. Sometime it\'s 200 lb; sometime it\'s 214 lb. This is because the door is too long and difficult to hold all the weight in balance. Our garage door is 18 (length) *8 (height). I think the real weight is bigger. I got a series number on the spring head. It\'s RH313516. I think RH indicates right hand side. Can we match the type of set of springs with this number? Or can I just order the biggest balance weight (290-300lb) on the order list? And when we install the springs, we don\'t tight the springs too tight. Does this work? Or do you any other suggestions. Other information which may be helpful for identifying the right type of springs: 8000 R.P. - White, 18\'00\" * 08\'00\", non-insulated, ZZ3931784. On the information label, only a little bit things can be read. TMS, 172 * 71.20 RH, 172 * 71.20 LH

    You need to order the correct weight for your door to get the correct spring. Too heavy and your door won't fully close, too light and your door won't open. Try using a 2x4 board to balance the door on the scale to get an accurate read. You can also use two scales to help with offsetting the length. Simply add the two readings together.

  • HI, I have a Torquemaster Original, my door is 18X8 Double spring winding system, but my weight of the door is 306 pounds, I disassembled it, put it on a scale and the scale is showing me the same weight as on the label WT 306! I tried to order from your site, but Torquemaster Original weight goes only till 250 pounds! Do I need to replace and buy Torquemaster plus, because the weight goes till 300 pounds? I see Double spring system Plus upgrade kit is +$72, does that include also metal tube?

    Yes you would need to get the plus style and upgrade kit if your door is using the original style springs. The tube is not included. You will have to reuse your original tube and liners.

  • Just to be clear, the torque-master plus does not have a dial at the edge, and the original one does, correct?

    Yes that is correct.

  • I ordered the torquemaster plus spring for my door with the conversion kit since mine was the original torque master. When installing it appears I need new flag brackets to fit my quick connect system. I have 15 inch radius rails and my present flange flag brackets are only 19 7/8\". What is the part number that I need? I will need the rh and lh flag brackets. Also, when I installed the spring I had to cut a good bit of the liner off to allow the spring to project the 5 inches indicated for installation. is that common?

    You should be able to use your old flag brackets with the new setup. You may need to drill new holes for the winding assembly. Trimming several inches off the old plastic sleeve is also normal.

  • I need to replace my springs on a double spring system. The sticker on the Lft Side gives a Bal Wgt or 165.47. Do I need to double that for the spring system?

    If you select the weight range that for that it will automatically include both springs for the price of $89.99. No need to double the quantity.

  • What is the difference between the original and plus. What is the advantage of the plus?

    Take a look at this graphic to see the key differences - The main advantage to the plus style is the redesign of the cone and winding assembly to have less chance of stripping out over time. The plus style is also the only type with all the parts still being made. The original style is being phased out so various parts are out of production (gears, cones, and winding assemblies).

  • I have the original torque master for a 155 lb 7ft door. I\'m trying to determine if I have a broken spring or a bad tension adjuster? When I turn the left adjuster down to zero both cables get loose. If I tighten it back and turn the Right one down neither gets loose. The door is hard to lift by hand and when I released the tension on the left it\'s impossible to lift.

    It sounds like one spring is broken, but you may have to disassemble and remove the right spring to be sure.

  • I\'m looking for Torquemaster spring for replacement, but I don\'t know how I can figure out the detail. could you please tell me what is the correct information from my label? According to my label, 130115 Torquemaster left side 8x7 FCll Solid WT68 SPR, TM, W/DRIV, 0.721x,143x45 .79,CLS,RH

    Looks like you have everything you need. Please order as follows:

    Spring Type: Torquemaster Original Style 
    Door Height: 7ft
    Door Weight: 60-69lbs

    There is an optional upgrade to the plus style available for your single spring system that would add the new winding assembly and cable drum set in the plus style to your order as well as change you over to the plus style spring for an extra $69. We highly recommend it, but it is not required unless your winding assembly gears are worn/stripped out.

  • my torque master spring just broke and I am confused about which spring should I order for replacement. On the label there it says spring information TM#494,15\' DBL,0.135x 40.55,0.143X 45.79 QTY:1. I used a bathroom scale to weigh the door and it came out to be almost 240 lbs, but the ground is curved and bumpy so I don\'t think that weight was valid. which spring should I go with?

    You will need to find a way to level out the floor so you can get an accurate read on the weight. Otherwise you will just be guessing and may end up with the wrong size. You can try setting down some boards across the floor to make a good surface for your scale.

  • What replacement spring would I need? My sticker has the following info: 09Q4 16x7 SOLID WLC 0230 164x57.14 LH WINLOAD CODE 0230 SPR, TM3, W/DRIV, 0.650X.164X57.14,CLS,RH,W/LINER 314999 TORQUEMASTER

    TM3 - Torquemaster Plus
    7Ft door height

    You will still need to get your balance weight. If the balance weight is not on the label, you will need to weigh your door. Use a bathroom scale and release the tension on both spring to weigh.

  • I have a 9 foot by 7 foot Wayne-Dalton door. i disassembled the springs to see what was broken. the door has a sticker that says 79 lbs, and my scale says 80.5. When i go to the ordering system for a 7 ft door that weighs 80 lbs, it says single spring. On disassembly there were 2 tensioners and 2 springs. Both were broken about a foot from the tear shaped end. What do I order?

    I would recommend going with the 80-89lb range and upgrading to the plus style so you have all the correct parts needed. They don't make a dual spring setup for that size door anymore, so to get the correct parts for a single spring setup you will need the upgrade kit and plus style spring.

  • I plan to purchase plus springs because my weight range is not in original springs anymore. I know I will need to purchase the plus, double spring upgrade kit. What is included in that kit?

    Plus style cable drum assembly set and plus style winding assembly kit. This is all you need to change when you switch to the plus style spring.

  • I\'m pretty sure I have the torquemaster plus because I have no dial on the end and the ends are octagon shaped. The problem I\'m having is when I disassembled it there were 2 broken springs inside ( 4 pieces total, 2 with octagon ends and 2 with plastic ends), but when trying to order new ones my height and weight says it should be a single spring system. The yellow sticker on the tube says: 9x8 FCII SOLID 5-SEC 115X33.15 LH WT 84 11/4 SPR,TM3,W/DRIV,0.650X.115X33.15,OPN,RH,W/LINER 315035 TORQUEMASTER LEFT SIDE My door is 8ft tall, 9ft wide and weight on scale is 84.5lbs. What springs do I need to order and if I do want to keep a double spring system will it hurt anything if my door doesn\'t weigh as much it says for the smallest double spring on the list?

    There is no double spring system option for that door weight anymore. You have to order a single spring for the correct weigh reflecting your door. You should also purchase a new winding assembly kit for a single spring to switch your door over to a single spring setup. You can get that here

    If you selected a higher weight range to reach a double spring set, your door would not be able to close because the springs for a heavier door would be too strong for your smaller lighter door. Please order the correct size based on your door information or you will receive the wrong parts and be have added non refundable shipping costs and a restock fee when you end up needing to return it.

  • I bought a replacement spring for my original torquemaster. I\'m sure it is the correct one. When I installed it, the plastic drive gear got mauled as I tightened the spring tool. I didn\'t use an impact, just a regular drill. I did everything just as the instructions said. It called for 16 turns on yhe dial, and when I got to 14 it just started clicking and ripping the teeth off. Now if I get the upgrade kit, I have to get a new spring as well. Can you please give me some insight?

    Yes, you will need both the plus style spring and plus upgrade kit to convert. Unfortunately if the gears on the original style winding assembly strip out, the only option is to fully convert to the plus. Original and plus parts are not cross compatible. You can return the original style spring for a refund.

  • Our spring broke in our garage door. The information is as follows. 9x7 FCII/9100/5120 SOLID WT 73.55 SPR, TM1, W/DRIV, 0.650X. 140X44.20, OPN, RH, W/LINER 314447 Torquemaster Could you please let me know what I need to buy in order to replace this properly?

    You can purchase the replacement by filling the options out like this:

    Spring type - Original style
    Door height - 7ft
    Balance Weight - 70-79lbs.

    Leave the boxes below unchecked unless you want to upgrade to the plus (in that case select the first box for the single spring system upgrade kit).

  • I have a TorqueMaster spring No. 4116085, SSD: 07/14/2004. The Bal Wgt. is 212.5. When looking up a new spring, they only go up to 199. What spring do I get and do I have to upgrade to the Plus?

    You will need to upgrade to the plus style to get the correct spring size. It is no longer offered in the original style for that size.

  • are the spring diameters all the same?

    Yes, the diameter is the same for torquemaster springs, so they all fit inside a standard tube size.

  • I seem to have an anomaly. I have a Plus system, 7 foot door and the door weighs 79 lbs, which I had to weight with a scale since the label does not show a weight. However, when I pulled out the springs there are definitely two springs, which seems to contradict a statement below that all doors up to 119 lbs have only one spring. Is this something that could have changed since I installed my doors? If I am to get only one spring, what do I do on the other side where the spring end sticks through?

    Doors that size now use a single spring system. Some of the older plus styles and many original types would have had two springs. Since they have changed how springs are made, two springs are not available for a door that lightweight. You will need to order the single spring for your door weight. You will also need to add a single spring winding assembly to your order so you can get the idler bracket to change out the left side bracket to make it compatible with the single spring setup.

  • I'm confused as to whether my Torquemaster Plus with newer winding bracket (i.e., no dials) is a single spring or double spring unit. The label seems to suggest it’s a single spring unit (info below), but there's no idler bracket on the left side. Instead, there's a spring cone (for a second spring?) projecting through what appears to be a left side bracket with no pawl knob or inner gear. Label Info: 8X8 FCH SOLID TMPLUS WT 77.02 DATE11807 SPR.TM3.W/DRIVE, 0.65X.143X50.87,OPN,RH,W/LINER

    You have a single spring with a previous version of the left side bracket. They recently changed this over to an idler bracket, but before that it was a winding cone in the assembly to hold that side up. The installation process is the same minus the idler bracket.

  • I have an existing torquemaster original that has a balance weight of 99.49lbs. Does that mean I should go with the 100-109lbs or the 90-99lbs? Do I need an upgrade kit?

    I would recommend selective the 100-109lbs range. The upgrade is not required, but we highly recommend it.

  • i have a 7 ft. door, weighs 82 lbs. installed in 2010, i see that the replacement spring is a single spring. do i need to order the torquemaster plus upgrade kit for single spring? i see a winding kit for single spring system, what is included in the upgrade kit? i had just bought new drums for the torque-master plus, and found my right spring broken. what do you recommend? number on label 314945, wt 82-rest of label scratched up, difficult to read

    Sounds like you will need to get the winding assembly for a single spring system in addition to the replacement spring (if your current setup has two springs).

    The upgrade kit includes cable drums and winding assembly for the plus style.

  • I have TM# 502, 18' DBL,0.172X 71.20,0.149X 54.28. Can you tell me which replacement springs I need?

    Take a look at this guide to gather all the required information for ordering the correct replacement spring -


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