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Wayne Dalton 5-Button Keypad (372 Mhz)

Wayne Dalton


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Old Part Number: 327308, KEP3, 3966

Wayne Dalton 5-Button Keypad (372 Mhz)

Slim-line, wireless keyless entry pad inspired by automotive keyless entries. The unit features a five-button vertical keypad and rounded edges on the enclosure, creating a contemporary look that enhances the aesthetic value of a homeowner's garage door.

The user interface is simple. A red light flashes for every keystroke of a five-button personal identification number (PIN). Once entered, the unit flashes as it sends the move command to the door. The keyless pad is capable of controlling hundreds of doors by entering a different PIN for each one. Since it is a wireless unit, the need to run bell wire or power to the door jamb is eliminated, making it fast and simple for the do-it-yourselfer.

  • Keypad
  • Batteries
  • Mounting Screws
  • Instructions
  • Opens your garage door from the outside by PIN-code
  • Allows garage access without keys
  • Wireless, for fast and easy installation
  • Rotating codes
  • Can operate multiple garage door openers at once
  • Compatible with Homelink
  • Weatherproof
  • Frequency: 372 Mhz
  • Dimensions: 2.25" x 4"
  • Battery: Two CR2032 Lithium Button
  • Model No: 3966
  • Old Part No: 306134
  • New Part No: 327308
  • Indicator Light Color: Red
  • Code Set: Rolling Code
  • Buttons: 5
  • Color: White/Lt Gray
  • Manufacturer: Wayne Dalton
  • Warranty: Mfg 1 year

Compatible with all Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener models that use frequency 372 Mhz. (look on back of remote control or back of opener motor)

  • Wayne Dalton Classic Drive models 3014, 3018, 3018DLX, 3514, 3522, 3522DLX
  • Wayne Dalton Quantum models 3214, 3314, 3316, 3414
  • Wayne Dalton Doormaster - all models BDOR-2000, BIRW-2000
  • Wayne Dalton idrive - all models 3660-372, 3661-372, 3662-372, 3663-372, 3760-372, 3751-372, 3651-372, 3750-372, 3790-372, 3790-Z
  • Wayne Dalton Prodrive - all models 3220C, 3221C, 3222C, 3224C, 3320B, 3322B, 3324B, 3220C-Z, 3221C-Z, 3222C-Z, 3224C-Z, 3320B-Z, 3322B-Z, 3324B-Z
You can look at the color of the antenna wire coming out of the powerhead unit to determine the frequency. For 372 Mhz frequency the antenna wire color is - Single wire - yellow. Two wires - yellow and white

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Recently purchased a home with a Dalton keypad and no one knows the code. How does one reset?

    You can download instructions here

  • I am looking for a wireless keypad for for garage door opener Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Model # 3790.... The remote model number is 3973C. What would be the model part number or model number of this keypad?

    This keypad is compatible. It has many different part numbers which are listed on the page for this item.

  • I have one of these but I never got my key code. How can I get one or how can I reset this? Maybe there is a factory code that I can reset?

    You can download instructions here

  • I have a blue garage motor that has a light grey wire and on the back it reads that it is 60hz. It is a prodrive model 3222c-z. Will this keypad work with my opener?

    Yes it is the correct keypad for that.

  • How do I program the keypad?

    You can download the programming instructions here

  • I have this unit, mounted on the outside door frame that faces east and catches all the early morning direct sunlight. This unit has become completely undependable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn\'t. Put in new batteries.......same issue. What could the problem be. Buy a new one? If I buy a new one, would it be better to have one that has a cover to protect it from the weather and or direct sunlight until noon each day? This keypad has not been dependable or predictable for a couple of years now. Everything else about the door works ok.

    My best guess is that you need a new one. If the sun is damaging it, perhaps a cover would be a good idea.

  • What kind of battery\'s does it take?

    Battery: CR2032 Lithium Button

  • Hello, I was wondering if this unit is wireless to connect to the main unit and if it would work for the model- 3BTM-0372C? Also, I have a two door garage and both are Wayne Dalton, I was wondering if I could use two separate codes for each garage door?

    Yes it is compatible and could be programed to multiple units.

  • Where can I find instructions for resetting the keypad garage door opener to the idrive? I just installed new batteries and it will not open the door. I vaguely remember that I have to do something to sync it again with the idrive mounted inside the garage. I cannot find my instructions as it has been several years.

    You can download the programming instructions here.

  • How do I erase existing codes that have been programmed in? I tried pressing and holding 7/8 and 9/0, but this does not work. What am I doing wrong?

    You can download the programming instructions here.

  • My new house has one of these keypads which is still programmed with the previous owners code. Can I reprogram the unit without the pin following the new installation programming steps?

    Yes you should be able to. You can download the programming instructions here.

  • I replaced the battery and now the keypad does not work. No lights, etc when pressing the buttons. Does it need to be reprogrammed?

    If no lights come on, then the battery replacement wasn't successful. The replacement battery may not have been the correct one, may be dead, may not be inserted correctly. There are also delicate prongs inside the battery housing that if bent out of place will not work.

  • How do I program the Wayne Dalton 306134 wall keypad?

    You can download the programming instructions here.

  • We just bought this house and would like to know how do you re-program the existing remote key pad outside the garage door? We have the car remotes and they work fine.

    You can download the instructions here.

  • We moved into a home that has a Wayne Dalton garage door opener and keypad but we weren\'t provided with a PIN # to access the garage remotely. Is that something that can be re-programmed or do we need to purchase a new keypad?

    You can download the instructions here to reprogram the PIN.

  • How do u enter new code (pin)?

    Programming instructions are available here -

  • Is this key pad compatible with the Quantum door opener 3316? It looks like the one that was originally installed. It is no longer operating. Will I be able to install it myself without calling the area dealer?

    Yes it is compatible. You should be able to install it yourself. You can take a look at the programming instructions to decide if you think you can do it. You can download the programming instructions here.

  • Will it work on pro drive 3220c?

    Yes, this is one of the compatible keypads for the model 3220C. The other compatible keypad for your unit is part number WD-334642.

  • How do I reset the passcode so I can use this unit. I currently have mod#5BWS-A372U?

    You can download the programming instructions here.

  • Can you provide the programming instructions for the Wayne Dalton 5 BUTTON WIRELESS KEYPAD?

    You can download the programming instructions here.

  • How can I change the code for this keypad?

    You can download the programming instructions here.

  • what is the battery number for this keypad? I know 2 batteries is used for this I want type of battery.

    CR2032 Lithium Button Battery

  • Does this come with programming instructions?

    Yes. Programming instructions are included with this item. You can download the programming instructions here.


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