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HomeLink Conversion Kit 1



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HomeLink Conversion Kit 1

This kit will make any garage door opener with safety sensors HomeLink compatible. Remote controls built into cars and trucks 2002 and newer can be programmed to work with this receiver once it is installed. Also used as a replacement for garage door openers with radio receivers that no longer function properly or in situations where the manufacturer has quit making replacement remote controls. The kit comes with one remote control. This is necessary for you to program the HomeLink receiver. Your old remote controls will continue to work also. The kit is easy to install - the only tool required is a screwdriver Includes:
  • 1-Button Remote Control
  • Visor Clip
  • Battery
  • Receiver
  • Built-In Transformer
  • Control Wires
  • Staples
  • Instructions
  • Replacement or add-on receiver for ANY residential garage door opener (with safety sensors)
  • HomeLink Compatible - convert your opener to HomeLink
  • Plugs into standard 120 volt outlet
  • Rolling code technology for added security
  • Allows for easy programming with just a push of a button
  • Power indicator light
  • Handles up to 8 remote controls
Compatible with: All residential garage door openers with safety sensors installed


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  • Can I use this without another power source? We have no available outlets. Instructions say to "choose a 120 Vac polarized outlet for the receiver" which sounds like you need another power source available for the receiver?? We are trying to use an old craftsman 139.664300 with a broken remote. (also - can you buy and program another universal remote once the system is installed?)

    You will need an outlet to plug this into and make it work. You can add additional remotes to this kit if you would like to. These are compatible 

  • Will this work with a Wayne Dalton Quatum 3212 opener (dated before 2001)?

    Yes, it is compatible with all residential units.

  • Will this work with a LiftMaster model MT-5011?

    This works with all residential garage door openers. If model MT-5011 is a residential unit, this is compatible.

  • Will this work with my Martin opener DC2722 with the homelink opener in my 2008 GMC?

    This works with all residential garage door openers. If model DC2722 is a residential unit, this is compatible. Compatible with cars and trucks 2002 and newer

  • Will HomeLink Conversion kit 1 work to program the garage door buttons for a 2012 Toyota Camry XLE?

    If that vehicle is homelink compatible, it will work.

  • The garage door opener is a Quantum 3012. My cars are 2001 Honda Odyssey and 2005 Toyota Camry. Would installation of this conversion kit allow me to program each of my car\'s HomeLink buttons to open my garage door?

    This kit would make your unit homelink compatible so you could program your 2002 and newer cars. Older cars might not work with it.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton Quantum series 3412 garage door opener and a 2015 Audi Q5 with Homelink. Will the Conversion Kit 1 make the two compatible?

    This kit is compatible with your opener and should work with your vehicle.

  • I have a model 3016 Wayne Dalton opener. The outside of the opener has 3 terminals on it. This unit has 2 wires on it. Which 2 terminals on the opener do I use?

    You will use the "COM" and "PB" terminals.

  • I have a customer who is having a hard time pairing their Quantum series 3212 model no. 3000 to the homelink system in their new cadillac srx. Can this be done? do they need the adapter kit?

    Quantum 3212 units aren't homelink compatible. You would have to add this kit to the unit to make it work.

  • installed by the instructions but cannot train my Audi 2015 A4 Homelink button to the receiver. Is it the antenna? I got the remote to work but the car won\'t connect. How do you lengthen it without stripping the wire? Antenna is approx 12 feet from the car when right up to the door. Cannot really move the receiver any close ro the door. Really discouraged. What to do?

    If the remote works from a distance, then the antenna wouldn't be the problem. You have to use the remote to train your vehicle to work with the receiver. You will have to follow the programming instructions in your vehicle manual for linking the car with the receiver using the 371LM remote to train it to the frequency.

  • how do you install this item?

    You can download the instructions here:
    Receiver Installation Instructions

    Remote Programming Instructions
    Homelink Kit Guide

  • I read in the reviews the product works great, however range is not so great. Is there another option to increase the range? Like a different model or an update anything like that?

    It is a great product, but some people do have short range problem. The only thing that seems to work is to extend the antenna. There is no alternate model or updated version at this time.

  • I have two quantum 3214 openers. Can i use one device for both or need two?

    You would need the homelink 2 kit for two motors.

  • Does it work with a Wayne Dalton iDrive? If yes, where are the wire connections on the iDrive motor?

    It should work on the idrive, though it would be unnecessary. idrive units are already homelink compatible and they still have remotes available for them as well. The wires would be connected to the terminals on the side of the motor where the power cord is. 

  • Will this adapter work with a Wayne Dalton Quantum model 3213 garage door opener?

    Yes, it is compatible with all residential units.

  • The home link conversion kit-- Do you plug it into ceiling where opener is plugged in? Will the existing wired opener button near door to house still work?. will the old remotes still work?

    Yes, it is plugged in to the outlet in the ceiling and wired to the motor like a wall button. All your old remotes should continue working with your existing setup. This will operate independently. It won't effect your wall button either.

  • Question 1: The fix for range seems to be to add length to the antenna, do you replace the wire sent with the product or solder on an additional length? Question 2: How long should the antenna be, I assume that it should ideally be some multiple of the length of the provided antenna to reduce harmonic interference, Question 3: I have 2 doors, but it seems that I can buy two single door units cheaper than I can buy the double door unit. I don\'t need the remotes if my old remotes work so can I save the extra money?

    I believe you would solder extra wire to the existing antenna, though I can't say what the best length would be. I'm sure it varies quite a bit. You can purchase one HLK 1 kit and an additional 365LM receiver and use the remote that comes with the kit to program both. Your old remotes should continue to work, though they may cause frequency interference with the kit.

  • Will this homelonk kit work with model # Whane Dalton 3016 ?

    Yes, it is compatible with all residential units.

  • After talking with the people at Homelink, I was told our Wayne Dalton 3212 garage door opener was not compatible wiht our 2016 Toyota Highlander, which uses Homelink. They told me their conversion kit would not work with our garage door either. Is this the same conversion they told me about or is this made by a company other than Homelink, but will make the WD 3212 conpatable with Homelink?

    This kit works with any residential garage door opener including yours. It functions like a wall station, wired to some terminals that send a signal to open and close the door. The receiver you setup on the motor communicates with the homelink in your car and is a middle man between the car and the motor.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton model 3012 and a new car with HomeLink. I am not seeing this model listed on your HomeLink conversion kit. Does that mean my model 3012 will NOT work with this or any other conversion kit?

    This Homelink Conversion Kit is compatible with all residential units, so it will work with yours.

  • will this work after a power outage or will you have to reprogram the unit? *does it have a backup battery inside the transmitter? I ask this question because other websites say the repeater they sell does not have a backup battery and you need to carry your original remote with you as a backup.

    It does not have a built in battery backup. You would have to add one additionally for extra protection. The memory should hold for a short outage, but a prolonged outage would probably result in the need to reprogram.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton Quantum 3212 and the remotes only have one button. I cannot get it to connect or work with the remote buttons in my 2015 Mustang or my 2016 Highlander. Why?

    Probably because Quantum units are not homelink compatible. You would have to add this kit to the motor to make it work.

  • Does this kit make any garage door opener model home link compatible, or just chamberlain/leftmaster models?

    It makes any residential garage door opener homelink compatible, regardless of brand.

  • Does the Homelink kit 1 conversion kit work with a Dalton Quantum 3213?

    Yes. It works with all residential garage door openers.

  • Will the openers that come in the car work with this receiver or do I have to put the push button clip on in my new car?

    You should be able to program your in vehicle remotes to work with this receiver.

  • Will this receiver work to replace an older Liftmaster 1030S receiver?

    Yes it should. It works on any residential garage door opener.

  • Is this kit compatible with Wayne dalton wizard model 2115

    Yes it is

  • Will this kit work with an older Martin dc3700 garage door opener (current transmitters are ML-2402 and 40 MHz) and new 2019 Chevrolet home link buttons? If it does work will both the original Martin transmitters and the 2019 home link work independently?

    The homelink conversion kit works on any residential garage door opener. Your old remotes will continue to work with the motor and the homelink kit will operate independently with your vehicle and the included remote with the kit.

  • Do I need to purchase an additional remote control transmitter or is this compatible with the Quantum 3212 transmitter?

    This comes with a remote that can be used as a stand alone with the receiver once you have programmed your car with it. You don't need an additional transmitter.

  • if i want an extra remote with this kit which one should I buy?

    This is the correct remote -

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