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Universal Remote Control Kit

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Garage Opener Universal Remote Control Kit

This is an add on kit for all Wayne Dalton Wizard, Challenger and Allstar garage door openers.

Also used as a replacement for garage door openers with radio receivers that no longer function properly or in situations where the manufacturer has quit making replacement remote controls.

The kit comes with one remote control. You can add more remote controls and keyless entry keypads.

The kit is easy to install - the only tool required is a screwdriver

  • Radio Receiver
  • One-Button Remote Control
  • Instructions
  • Replacement or add-on receiver for Wayne Dalton Wizard, Challenger, or Allstar residential garage door opener
  • Easy programming
  • Can add more wireless devices - remote controls, wireless keypads
Replacement or add-on receiver for Wayne Dalton Wizard, Challenger, or Allstar residential garage door opener

Programming Instructions

You may set your transmitter to any code you desire but be sure that the code you set matches the code that has been set on your radio receiver. The digital code is determined by the positions of the 10 small switches numbered 1 through 10 located in the receiver and transmitter. Any combination of ON (CLOSED) or OFF(OPEN) positions can be selected by using a small screwdriver or ball point pen.(NOTE: The switches are in the ON position when the side next to the number is pressed in.) In setting your own personal code we strongly urge that several coding schemes be avoided: ALL ON; ALL OFF; 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ON; 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 ON. These positions are similar to our or other manufacturer test positions, or are frequently used. Once the code has been set, check the operation and replace the hatches.

For the full remote instructions, and programming illustrations click here.

Click Here to Download Receiver Instructions

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • My house was built in 1987 and the garage door openers that we installed were Allisters. My remote control stopped working and will not open my middle garage door. The other doors are fine. Will this kit work with an old garage door like mine? Also, would I have to do any wiring?

    Yes, this is a compatible part. It does require wiring for the receiver to work.

  • Can this remote be programmed to an older Wayne Dalton \"Wizard\' model 2113 Garage door opener and then work with a HomeLink system found in a 2016 Toyota?

    Yes it should be compatible.

  • I have a Wayne Dalton/Challenger Wizard 2113 and need a remote. Looks like I may need the Universal remote control kit located on the Wayne Dalton Parts internet site. However, I cannot locate the dip switches on the the main unit that plugs in to electrical outlet. Where do I find the dip switch codes on the Wayne Dalton 2113?

    The dip switches would only be on the external receiver attached to your motor (if you have one). Your unit doesn't come equipped with built in receiver or dipswitches. That is what the universal kit is for. It adds a receiver with dip switches on to your motor and allows you to use a remote with it.

  • I have two doors can they both use the same remote if I buy them together?

    You would need to get a multi button remote to operate more than one motor with the same remote on the universal kit -

  • Hello, We just bought a home that has 3 different brand garage door openers (a Craftsman, a Chamberlain and a Wayne Dalton) and no remote controls. The Chamberlain and Craftsman both have purple "learn" buttons. We have 3 cars and I bought (3) Chamberlain Universal 3 button remote controls. The new remotes work excellent on the Craftsman and Chamberlain openers but I can't seem to get them to operate my Wayne Dalton Quantum opener. Thank you in advance for your help!

    Wayne Dalton Quantum units don't work with stand alone universal remotes. The only way to make it work with your other motors would be get this kit. Then you will be able to program the universal remote to the receiver included in this kit.

  • Will this work with a Challenger II garage door opener circa 1986? I recently bought a condo and I didn't receive any remote controls.

    Yes, it should work with that unit if it has three screw terminals on the back or side of the motor.


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