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Wayne Dalton Remote Control Transmitter 327310 3973C 3BTM (372 Mhz)


Wayne Dalton


In Stock

Old Part Numbers: 300643, 312962,3BTM,3BTM-0372,327310,3973C,302083,327310

Wayne Dalton Remote Control Transmitter 327310 3973C 3BTM (372Mhz)

Manufacturer original replacement remote control transmitter for Wayne Dalton garage door opener models using frequency 372 Mhz. Also known by the following part/model numbers: 300643, 312962, 3BTM, 3BTM-0372, 3BTM-0372U, 3BTM-0372F, 3BTM-0372(any letter), 3BTM-0372A, 327310, 302083, 3973C

  • Remote control
  • Visor Clip
  • Batteries
  • Instructions
  • Wayne Dalton original part
  • Compact and convenient
  • Rotating codes
  • Activates up to six different garage door openers or devices
  • Compatible with Homelink
  • Frequency 372 Mhz
  • Mounts on visor or attaches to keychain
  • Frequency: 372 Mhz
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.5"
  • Battery: CR2016 Lithium Button
  • Model No: 3BTM-0372 C, 3973C
  • Part No: 300643, 327310
  • Indicator Light Color: Red
  • Code Set: Rolling Code
  • Buttons: 3
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Wayne Dalton
  • Warranty: Mfg 1 year
Compatible with:

Works with all Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener models that use frequency 372 Mhz.

  • Wayne Dalton Classic Drive models 3014, 3018, 3018DLX, 3514, 3522, 3522DLX
  • Wayne Dalton Quantum models 3214, 3314, 3316, 3414
  • Wayne Dalton idrive all models 3660-372, 3661-372, 3662-372, 3663-372, 3760-372, 3751-372, 3651-372, 3750-372, 3790-372, 3790-Z
  • Wayne Dalton Prodrive models 3220C, 3221C, 3222C, 3224C, 3320B, 3322B, 3324B, 3220C-Z, 3221C-Z, 3222C-Z, 3224C-Z, 3320B-Z, 3322B-Z, 3324B-Z
  • Wayne Dalton Doormaster BDOR-2000 models using 372 Mhz with yellow antenna wire

How to select the right remote control for your garage door opener model:

On the back of your garage door opener motor (attached to the ceiling in your garage) there should be a silver sticker which has the model number of your garage door opener written on it. Look for your model above.

If you have a remote control check on the back of it for the frequency number. It should say 372 somewhere on it.

You can look at the color of the antenna wire coming out of the powerhead unit to determine the frequency. For 372 Mhz frequency the antenna wire color is - Single wire - yellow. Two wires - yellow and white

Programming Instructions

  1. Press program button on DoorMaster light fixture, idrive, Prodrive, Quantum or Classic drive opener. LED will light or idrive opener will beep once indicating that it is ready to learn a transmitter.
  2. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the desired transmitter button(s); LED will turn off or idrive opener will beep once. On the DoorMaster only release the transmitter button and press again. LED will light briefly then turn off.
For the full instructions, and programming illustrations click here.

How to replace the battery:

programming remotes

programming quantum remotes

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