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Wayne Dalton Limit Assembly for Quantum, Classic Drive, Pro Drive

Wayne Dalton


This part is not available anymore because the manufacturer has discontinued production. There is no replacement for this part and you may have to replace your unit with another brand if this part is essential to operation.

Wayne Dalton Limit Assembly

Wayne Dalton Limit Assembly for Quantum, Classic Drive, and Prodrive garage door openers.

Includes part numbers 252092, 252993, 260557, 157039, 157055, 260556.

Old Part Number: 252092, A-3029, 157039, 157055, 157642, 252993, 260556, 260557, P-3014, P-3021, P-3022, P-3023

  • Limit Assembly 252092
  • Limit Switch 252993, 157642, P3014
  • Limit Driver Shaft 260557, P3022
  • Interrupter Disk 157039, P3023
  • Limit Adjuster 157055, P3027
  • Limit Driver Gear 260556, P3021
  • Part no: 252092
  • Mfg: Wayne Dalton
Compatible with:
  • All Quantum, Classic Drive, and Prodrive openers

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