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Challenger Garage Door Opener Parts

Challenger garage door opener parts

Find your Challenger garage door opener parts here. Challenger Repair parts - Replacement parts - Remote Controls - Gears - Keypads - Light Covers for your Challenger garage door operator.  Challenger garage door opener parts are always in stock.

How to find the compatible remote control for Challenger CH-1000 series, 9100, 9300, 9500:  Older model Challenger garage door openers were originally equipped with several different types of radio receivers and remote controls some of which are no longer made. If you have a remote control that works with it look for the make (multicode, Tec-key, liftmaster, linear), model number (3089, 2010, 2020, 61lm, etc), and the frequency (300mhz, 310mhz, 390mhz). Look at the pictures of remote controls listed below to find one that looks very similar to yours. Click on the picture and click on the tab on the product page called "Compatibility" to determine compatibility with your unit. If nothing is compatible with your unit, we recommend that you install a new radio receiver/transmitter. The one we recommend is our Universal Remote Control Kit. It is quick and easy to install.