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Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad (303 Mhz)

Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad (303 Mhz)
Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry 297138
Average Rating review  
Retail Price:$55.00
Sale Price:
You Save: $5.01!
Mfg: Wayne Dalton
Part No: 297138
Alternate Part No: 02-3039 UH, 02-3039 U
Availability:  In Stock. Ready to Ship.
Product Code: WD-297138
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  • Customer Reviews

Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad

Keyless Entry Keypad for Wayne Dalton garage door opener models using frequency 303 Mhz Part No. 297138

How to select the right keypad for your garage door opener model:
On the back of your garage door opener motor (attached to the ceiling in your garage) there should be a silver sticker which has the model number of your garage door opener written on it.  Look for your model above.

If you have a remote control check on the back of it for the frequency number.  It should say 303 somewhere on it.

If you can't figure out what you need, contact us for help.
  • Keypad
  • Battery
  • Mounting Screws
  • Instructions
  • Wayne Dalton part
  • Rotating codes
  • Wireless for easy installation
  • Operates up to three garage door openers
  • Frequency 303 Mhz
  • Numbers back light
  • Frequency: 303 Mhz
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 6"
  • Battery: 9 volt
  • Model No: 02-3039 UH
  • Part No: 297138
  • Code Set: Rolling Code
  • Buttons: 13
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Wayne Dalton
  • Warranty: Mfg 1 year
Works with all Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener models that use frequency 303 Mhz.
  • Classic Drive 3012, 3016, 3512, and any other Classic Drive models using 303 Mhz
  • Quantum 3212, 3213, 3313, 3412, and any other Quantum models using 303 Mhz frequency
You can look at the color of the antenna wire coming out of the powerhead unit to determine the frequency.  For 303 Mhz frequency the antenna wire color is - Single wire - black, green, or white.  Two wires - yellow and white

Programming Instructions

For the full instructions, and programming illustrations click here.

7 Quick Tips for Buying Garage Door Opener Parts

  1. You will need to know several details about your garage door opener to select the correct parts for it. Manufacturer name and model number are usually necessary.
  2. To find detailed infomation about your garage door opener, look on the garage door opener power head located on the ceiling of your garage. Usually stickers and identifying information are found on the back or sides of the machine.
  3. Garage door opener manufacturers change the frequency at which remote controls and keypads function periodically, so you will generally need to know the model number of your garage door opener.
  4. Some models of garage door operators use radio gear (remote controls, keypads) from another manufacturer. In this case, you will need to know additional details found on a currently working remote control.
  5. Use our Garage Door Opener Selection Guide for details specific to your brand of garage door opener.
  6. On each product page there is a section called "Compatible with". This section gives details on manufacturers and models numbers that use the particular garage door opener part, remote control, keypad, gear, or other part.
  7. If you are still not sure which part will work with your garage door opener, Contact Us using the web form on the contact us page. Please include details about your garage door opener manufacturer and model number in your question.
 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  Ordering was easy and delivery exactly as advertised. Installation a snap and syncing quick and easy.
  Reviewed by:  Earl from Florida. on 3/3/2015
works great
  Easy installation and programming, works great.
  Reviewed by:  Mike Drake from Indiana. on 2/18/2015
  Product works great and was incredibly easy to set up on my 15 year old garage door opener. Wish I would not have waited so long to buy!
  Reviewed by:  JM from Charlotte, NC. on 2/3/2015
  Just like the one I replaced. Works perfectly. Was easy to setup.
  Reviewed by:  Jay Williams from Toledo, Ohio. on 1/30/2015
  This was so very easy. I had this program matched to my opener and mounted in less than 5 minutes. The way it should be!
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Marysville, OH. on 11/15/2014
Just want I needed
  I tried a couple of universal keypads that were supposed to work with Wayne Dalton products, but they would never program. It took me less than five minutes to program and install this keypad! I also like the feature of being able to stop or reverse the door direction by pushing any number button. I should have gone for the original product initially and not wasted my time.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Snellville, GA. on 10/25/2014
  Great garage door keypad. Coded up nicely to garage door.
  Reviewed by:  Joe from Omaha, ne. on 10/20/2014
Works Great
  Works great! Wish it was available in different colors such as white or off white so it doesn't stand out against the home so much.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Chattanooga. on 9/25/2014
Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad
  Couldn't be happier with this keypad. It works like a charm and was simple to install. Programmed it the first time I tried. I had purchased a universal keypad and it would not work. Our opener required a different MHZ. Great product.
  Reviewed by:  Joyce S. from Clover, SC. on 9/23/2014
Worked like a charm
  Easy to install. Easy to program . Worked immediately. Have tried other universal remotes and could not get any to work . My opener is by Wayne dalton so I should not be surprised that it worked right away.
  Reviewed by:  Ron from Ontario, Canada. on 9/15/2014
Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad
  Everything about this device was great. Easy to order, arrived quickly, programmed without any problems, installation was simple and best of all it works. Will definately order from this site again
  Reviewed by:  Rob H. from Rochester, NY. on 7/14/2014
  Exactly what I was looking for. Easy installation and programming, although your drilling template holes were slightly off. Buyers: physically measure before you drill.
  Reviewed by:  Jon from NC. on 6/5/2014
Great product
  Great product. Quick shopping. And it was easy to program!
  Reviewed by:  Joshua from Anderson. on 6/2/2014
  The key pad met my expectations. The installation instruction were very good
  Reviewed by:  Fred Freeman from Everett WA. on 4/27/2014
Recently repurposing/ homeowner
  Having recently moved to Florida in the last 6 months, our home did not have a garage door key pad opener. I first wet to a big box store and bought what was suppose to be a universal, wireless keypad. However,MIT wouldn't work and I returned it. I then got on Wayne Dalton website and found the compatible keyless opener for our model garage door. Skeptical that it would still work correctly, I ordered it anyway. I am very pleased to say that the ordering process, shipping, installation instructions and it's ease in setting it up exceeded my expectations. It's a breeze and works just like they and I expected. I would recommend it to anyone with a Wayne Dalton garage door opener and don't waste your time with universal substitutes
  Reviewed by:  Tom Kalousek from Bradenton, Florida. on 4/17/2014
Easy to Install
  Great product! Works like a charm. Install and set up was amazingly simple. My fourteen year old had it installed and programmed in 15 minutes.
  Reviewed by:  Staci from Idaho. on 4/14/2014
  After several, frustration searches for a remote opener that worked with our Quantum door system, we found this on the Carlton site. I've purchased and returned no less than 5 systems, so I was dubious this would work properly. We received the unit (and confirmation of shipment) in less than 5 days and - thankfully - it took less than 10 minutes to program, install and work successfully.
  Reviewed by:  thomas from Oregon. on 4/14/2014
WD-297138 Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad (303 MHz)
  Wayne Dalton appears to have the 303 MHz market cornered, so what third party vendors sell for $15-20 ends up costing you $50. The good news is that it only took about 15 minutes to install and configure. Be aware that the drill template is not precise, so I would recommend you drill the bottom hole first, mount the keypad, then put the top mounting screw in place. shipped out the same day and was a pleasure to deal with.
  Reviewed by:  john from West TX. on 3/18/2014
Added to Existing Older Opener
  Easy to program and install. Works great and added convenience option to the older opener! Thanks for having this and the replacement remotes!
  Reviewed by:  Jack Hammond from North Idaho. on 2/28/2014
Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad (303 Mhz)
  Thank you. They worked great.
  Reviewed by:  Sue from USA. on 2/24/2014
  Wireless keyless entry keypad instructions need to be a little more clear. Had some problem programing but problem may have been door opener control board.
  Reviewed by:  A.D. Catron from Montgomery,Texas. on 2/14/2014
  I had wasted my time with a "universal" keypad from Lowes. Absolutely horrible idea. Like, it really was rocket science to decode and then enter the proper programming. The Wayne Dalton wireless keypad was AMAZINGLY! easy to program, install, and use. No more running out of the garage trying not to trip the laser. Great product! My life is easier now!
  Reviewed by:  Jody from Yellow Springs, ohio. on 2/14/2014
Easy to program
  I tried a couple of the "universal" remotes from the local big box stores. They didn't work. These did.
  Reviewed by:  Andy Klevorn from Michigan. on 2/1/2014
Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad (KEP4) 303 Mhz
  Although I am not the best for following directions ranging from VCRs (dating myself) to anything else particularly if translated from an overseas language into a useable English; I have to hand it to you guys; I followed the directions ( and was happy to NOT SEE anything like; “insert tab q with pilot on to extra end” ALL worked well; opener is installed and working….. THANKS!! (I’d order more if you also manufactured; computers, stoves…..) Take care.
  Reviewed by:  Gary from USA. on 1/13/2014
Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Pad
  It works, is easy to program and my family will never be locked out again. Only if it came in white!
  Reviewed by:  James Dunn from Durham NC. on 1/13/2014
  Accurate template, easy setup, hinged cover is good over some other brands that 'slide', keypad easy to use with gloves on during winter, timely delivery.
  Reviewed by:  Brad from New Prague, MN. on 1/13/2014
Wireless Keyless Entry
  Great unit. Our original one of this model was 16 years old and we replaced it with another one. Easy installation, easy operation. We were blown away how efficiently Wayne Dalton Parts responded to our phone order. They are amazing! 5 Stars to everyone!
  Reviewed by:  Damon Perry from phone order. on 1/13/2014
Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad
  The Wayne Dalton keyless entry arrived promptly and works great! I highly recommend Wayne Dalton as their products seem superior to other models. Very good transaction!
  Reviewed by:  Brian Stetler from Celina, OH. on 1/4/2014
Guy with a Garage
  The Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad (303 Mhz)arrived promptly, was in great condition, came with a battery ready to turn on, had easy instructions, programmed right the first try, worked the first time for both of my Garage Openers, and had everything needed to mount. No negative comments.
  Reviewed by:  Randy from Florida. on 12/30/2013
  It works as it should.
  Reviewed by:  garrett fricke from georgia. on 12/28/2013
  Product works great.
  Reviewed by:  Norm from Florida. on 11/29/2013
Wireless Key-less Entry
  Installs, programs and works just as advertised. This is my second purchase of this item - the first one lasted for 12 years and worked great. Think the weather eventually got to it. Definitely recommend this item for anyone looking for a multiple door keypad type device.
  Reviewed by:  Dave from Fairfax, VA. on 11/16/2013
Just what I needed!
  I moved into my patio home here in PA about 2 years ago and I am assuming that this keypad was the original one installed about 11 years ago. It finally gave out and I tried to replace it at the local hardware stores, but no such luck so I ordered it on line directly from Wayne Dalton. It came in only 3-4 days and was exactly what I needed. My son-in-law installed it in about 20 or less minutes and it is working beautifully; great quality; it looks nice too! I really appreciated the promptness and speedy delivery.
  Reviewed by:  Mary E. Smith from Seven Fields, PA. on 11/4/2013
  I received my order within a few days and the keypad is up and running! Programming was a little cumbersome, but the third time was a charm!
  Reviewed by:  Constance Jo Myers from MIAMISBURG OH. on 10/20/2013
Works awesome
  Our 15 year old wireless remote died. Nothing at the local home stores would work. Ordered this one. Came with battery. Took us 5 or so tries to program it (learned we had to push a tiny button on the box hanging in garage to sync). Once we programmed it correctly, worked like a charm!
  Reviewed by:  N. from Wisconsin. on 9/28/2013
  Opener works very well once installed. However, installation template has you drilling holes too far apart. Using template will NOT result in secure mounting and causes you to drill an extra hole through aluminum warped frame. Also, instructions for programming are not complete. Had to try 3 different ways to get it to work. 0 stars for installation and instructions, 5 stars for operation.
  Reviewed by:  Abel from Raceland, LA. on 9/16/2013
303Mhz Keypad
  Exactly as ordered, worked great, thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Kevin from Vancouver, WA. on 9/12/2013
Great product, Great service
  Ordered a keypad and an extra opener. The customer service was really helpful and both openers were cheaper than anywhere else. Highly recommended!
  Reviewed by:  Peter Edwards from Kentucky. on 8/27/2013
Keyless Entry
  The remote was easy to order and arrived on time. It is easy to mount and program and works great. I wish it came in a different color but I was able to paint it the color of my house. It is not as thin and trim as some other remotes out there but this is the only one that will work with my Wayne Dalton opener.
  Reviewed by:  Robert from Roseville. on 8/4/2013
  Item was delivered quickly, was easy to program, and simple to install. Works great! Very pleased.
  Reviewed by:  Philip Lindsey from Chambersburg, PA. on 7/28/2013
  The wireless,keyless entry keypad for my garage door failed after 15 years of service in hot, humid conditions. I was very pleased to be able to find an exact replacement for it. The Wayne Dalton website provided all the information necessary for me to find exactly the part I needed. And, when it arrived, the instructions for effecting the replacement were clear and easy. I am very pleased! I had feared I might need to buy a whole new garage door opener.
  Reviewed by:  John Hooke from Aiken, SC. on 7/14/2013
Keyless entry
  The wireless keyless entry keypad works beautifully! Only two shortcomings that come to mind. 1. Only comes in black. I searched for white and called but it's not an option. 2. You cannot use a universal keypad. Which would have been nice to get the white.
  Reviewed by:  Ginny from Streetsboro, OH. on 6/21/2013
Keyless Entry
  Arrived on time, works great, Thanks
  Reviewed by:  Barb from Alaska. on 5/11/2013
Home owner
  Just recently purchased this keyless remote. I am very satisfied with this product, would recommend to family and friends. Did have to call to help get activated, but have had no problems since.
  Reviewed by:  Freda from Danville KY. on 5/1/2013
  Ordered this keypad for my shop at home. Easy setup, easy insructions. Worked first try.
  Reviewed by:  Walt from Mead,Wa. on 4/29/2013
Home Owner
  The whole installation process took only a couple of minutes to program, mount, and operate. Extremely simple. The unit was received very quickly.
  Reviewed by:  Hal B. from Fox Lake, IL. on 4/12/2013
Works like a champ!
  Very easy to install and program. Recommend highly!
  Reviewed by:  Ken from Knoxville, TN. on 4/10/2013
Works Great
  The keyless remote was easy to install and program. I only programmed one of the doors and it works flawlessly.
  Reviewed by:  Mark in MI from Michigan. on 4/8/2013
  I needed a replacement and my local dealer could not get this part. I ordered online and had it in less than a week. Works great!
  Reviewed by:  Bill from Indiana. on 3/28/2013
Works Fine, Including Instructions Made Major Difference
  Unit works fine - exact replacement. WayneDalton also included instructions making programing and installation do-able. I was concern whether the new key pad would interfer with car remote - but did not - programing opener with the new key pad just added the new pad to the list of opening devices.
  Reviewed by:  Stbphoto from Durham, NC. on 3/17/2013
  Works great. Easy to instal and program.
  Reviewed by:  Tom from South Carolina. on 2/28/2013
WD Wireless Keypad (303Mhz)
  This keypad couldn't have been easier to program and install and I'm by no means an overly handy guy. The instructions provided were very straightforward and it took me 15 minutes from the time I took it out of the box to the time it was installed and in place.
  Reviewed by:  Frank Conde from New Jersey. on 2/7/2013
Very Happy!
  After reading a lot of reviews on our garage door opener, we decided to go with this opener. Loved the idea of having an outdoor keyless entry, this way if we were locked out, we'd still have a way to get into the garage at least. My husband set it up within matter of minutes. The directions looked complicated but that wasn't the case. Very happy with the product!
  Reviewed by:  Alicia from Holley, NY. on 1/31/2013
Program issue
  Shipping was prompt. When Programming, I was unable to program for only one garage door. I had to program as if i had 2 doors. Not really a big deal. But if you are having programming issues, might want to set it up as if you had two doors. Besides that, happy with my purchase.
  Reviewed by:  daniel brown from centreville. on 1/20/2013
Great Keypad
  Easy to install and use. I really like the LEDs that make the keypad easy to see at night. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover it can be used to open multiple doors. Don't waste your on on "universal" keypads that are a pain to setup and don't work!
  Reviewed by:  Ron B from North Carolina. on 1/19/2013
  My wireless entry keypad died after a long life of 15 years. I ordered the replacement keypad and it arrived promptly. Had no problem with the installation and life is good. Very happy with the product, service and quick delivery.
  Reviewed by:  Tom Hager from Akron, Ohio. on 1/14/2013
  Shipping was super-fast. Product was exactly as specified. Directions clear and to the point. I had this installed and operating on a two-opener garage in 15 minutes.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Moore, SC. on 1/13/2013
  Great product, easy to program, easy to install.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Indiana. on 1/1/2013
Should Have Started with the Pro
  I originally purchased a "universal remote" from Lowes, but after it wouldn't work, I found out online that it was not truly "universal" and did not work with with the 303 MHz openers. So I went to the source and purchased this keypad. While a little more expensive and I had to wait a few days to install it, it was worth it.
  Reviewed by:  Tom from South Carolina. on 11/24/2012
  Very fast shipping, extremely easy to install and works great!
  Reviewed by:  Rick from Washington. on 11/23/2012
Great product easy setup
  This literally took me less than 5 minutes to have it working. So easy and great instructions!
  Reviewed by:  Karen from Georgia. on 11/7/2012
Great Product
  Product came in on time and was very easy to set up and works perfectly with out garage door.
  Reviewed by:  Mary Whiticker from Mississippi. on 10/27/2012
  Easy install. Easy programming. Works great with our garage door opener that's 10 years old. Not the cheapest but when the brands match they usually work better is the case with this keypad.
  Reviewed by:  Keith from Vancouver USA. on 10/22/2012
303 MHz keypad
  Very easy to program with the instructions provided. Works very well. Solid construction. A bit pricey for a keypad, but 303 MHz keypads are hard to find, so I had no choice but to pay the asking price.
  Reviewed by:  Rodney Magee from Waynesboro, VA. on 10/3/2012
  helpful customer service dept. the order was shipped promptly and we are very satisfied with the product
  Reviewed by:  jere l from st augustine fl. on 8/10/2012
Owner of Augusta Homes Inc- custom home builder
  Purchased the Keyless entry pad & it works beautifully!! Was a piece of cake to reprogram & simple to explain to the homeowner!! Would definitely recommend this product, and service, to your next client!
  Reviewed by:  Ron Wehe from Scottsdale Az. on 8/7/2012
Just what I wanted
  I tried a universal and it would not work. The WD Keypad matched my Wayne Dalton opener. Ishould have bought it years ago. Service was great and fast.
  Reviewed by:  Wayne Deaner from Saxonburg PA. on 7/2/2012
  Arrived sooner than expected and was easy to program. This was a replacement for one that stopped working. I was glad to find the authentic Wayne Dalton part.
  Reviewed by:  Scot from Franklin, TN. on 6/9/2012
Easy to program
  Shipped within 2 days, easy to program and install. My 82 year old mother loves it!!
  Reviewed by:  Dee from Monroe, MI. on 5/17/2012
Great Product
  I just bought a new house and this is my first dealing with a Wayne Dalton garage door opener. This is a great product. You can tell it is well built and will work for some time. It took a couple times to program it correctly, but once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad. Service was fast. Overall, very pleased.
  Reviewed by:  Jake Stubbs from Normal, IL. on 5/17/2012
Keyless Keypad
  I called the local Wayne Dalton in my area about needing a wireless opener for my ancient Quantum 3212. A technician called me back in less that 30 minutes with the exact part number I needed. I ordered it online and was in my mailbox in 2 days. It was mounted and working within minutes!! Way better than that "universal" key pad I had purchased from a local hardware store that DID NOT work. Thanks guys!!! :-)
  Reviewed by:  Robert C from Texas. on 4/10/2012
great service
  The product was delivered within a few days. It was very easy to install and the instructions made it very easy to sync it up with the garage door opener. All told it took less than half an hour to replace the old keypad with this one and have it operational.
  Reviewed by:  Michael McFadden from Myrtle Beach SC. on 4/4/2012
As promised!
  Shipped quickly, programmed up quickly, worked as promised. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  R Shaffner from Massillon, OH. on 4/2/2012
Works Great!
  Our keyless entry pad arrived quickly, was easy to program and install and has really been a convenience! Thanks for a great product!
  Reviewed by:  Linda from North Carolina. on 3/10/2012
  Extremely easy to install, extremely easy to program and works like a charm. Couldn't be happier with it.
  Reviewed by:  Greg Goodwin from North Carolina. on 3/3/2012
keyless opener
  Works Great. This is the 2nd product I've purchased from this site and they have been fantastic
  Reviewed by:  Ed Jackson from Normal, IL. on 2/5/2012
Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless entry keypad (303Mhz)
  Prompt shipping. Works well, easy to program. Too bad it's only available in black.
  Reviewed by:  Michael Witter from Fayetteville, PA. on 2/3/2012
Same great experience.
  Working great.
  Reviewed by:  Bryna from Harrisburg PA . on 1/9/2012
  We love this Wireless Keyless Entry!! My husband received it as a stocking stuffer and installed it the same day. It makes opening the door to the garage a breeze.It's easy for the kids to operate to. Only down side is, it only can take one code:/ But I would still give it a 5 star.
  Reviewed by:  colin Verne from raleigh, nc. on 1/4/2012
Happy camper
  we bought this house and did not get the garage door openers from the previous owner. I tried 4 different universal brands,but it is only after you open them and read the instruction that you find out they are the wrong frequency and will not work.I searched the net for the frequency I needed and found one that only had a 8 foot range. I like to but locally but enough is enough so ordered OME and am very happy, easy to program and had the keypad and remotes working in about 15 min.
  Reviewed by:  Garry from Brighton, ON, Canada. on 12/15/2011
  When our old keypad died, my husband and I tried several others that were "universal" and claimed to be easy to program and install. None of them worked. Finally found this unit on the Wayne Dalton Parts website. It arrived quickly and took no time to program...and it works perfectly! We are delighted!
  Reviewed by:  Jane G. from Colorado Springs, CO. on 12/1/2011
Great Unit
  I needed a remote key pad for a 3rd bay garage door that didn't have one and this unit was the perfect OEM solution. Easy to install and program. Much better than the "fits all" unit I bought at the home center store that didn't work.
  Reviewed by:  Keith from Neenah, WI. on 11/19/2011
Wayne Dalton Wireless Entry Keypad
  I received this product quickly in the mail and was able to set it up as instructed and it worked right away. Very good service and the product is exactly how it is shown. Thank you. Very Satisfied.
  Reviewed by:  Linda Joye from Georgetown, SC. on 11/3/2011
  This keypad arrived about a week after ordering--probably more like 5 or 6 days. I couldn't get it programmed as easily as the transmitter I ordered, but did so after a few tries. It works perfectly and I am so pleased with this purchase. FYI: I am a 55 year old woman with not many repair skills--I installed this and programmed it and the transmitter with minimal difficulty. Color me happy!
  Reviewed by:  Cheryl from Towner, ND. on 10/15/2011
  Easy to install and to use. Great device!
  Reviewed by:  William Edwards from Evans, WA. on 9/26/2011
Works great
  Ordered this keypad after trying a generic opener to no avail. The generic brand says it works with Wayne Dalton garage door openers, but did not specify it only works with certain models of Wayne Dalton (not those on 303 Mhz). This product was a cinch to install and the included mounting template was very helpful.
  Reviewed by:  Bryan from Des Moines, IA. on 9/22/2011
Love it!!
  Quick shipping! Great product! Easy to program and works like a dream!!!
  Reviewed by:  Sharon from NC. on 8/22/2011
Finally a keyless entry that works
  After much frustration trying to make a universal keypad work with my Wayne Dalton opener, once I finally figured out about the 303 Mhz issue that makes it incompatible with those I ordered this product, works like a charm. Very satisfied.
  Reviewed by:  Jim McGehee from Charlotte, NC. on 8/22/2011
Thank You!
  Very happy with the remote I purchased. It was easy to set-up and works great. Would definitely recommend it to others and also recommend WayneDaltonParts to purchase from.
  Reviewed by:  Dot from USA. on 8/15/2011
Keyless Entry Keypad
  This is an excellent product. Easy to follow directions to install. Works perfectly.
  Reviewed by:  Diane Sanford from Pagosa Springs, CO. on 7/21/2011
perfect for residential use
  purchased this keyless entry keypad. excellent customer service, fast shipping and very easy to install. great unit would recommend to anyone.
  Reviewed by:  scott leighton from north haven connecticut. on 7/11/2011
Great Part!
  Staff was super helpful and found me the exact part to my 1997 door opener! Works great, simple to program. Installed and programmed in less than 5 minutes!
  Reviewed by:  Laura Clark from New York . on 6/30/2011
Fast shipping, great product
  A few minutes after placing the order for the wireless keyless entry keypad I received an email saying they had shipped the product - amazing! I got it in the mail and it installed, programmed, and worked perfectly in about 10 minutes. I wish all online purchases with other companies were this easy.
  Reviewed by:  Ron from California. on 6/17/2011
Great unit
  This wireless remote unit was easy to install and works great. Delivery took just a couple of days. Very happy!
  Reviewed by:  Dave Zamzow from Fort Collins, CO. on 5/24/2011
Great All Around!
  Tha garage door opener is absolutely AMAZING! I have tried the ones from the stores and they do not work with my unit. It was easy to setup and worked the first try. I needed it to work so my children would never be locked out of the house again. I love it and will only buy items for my garage from WayneDaltonParts! Thanks, you made my life easier!
  Reviewed by:  Chrissa A from USA. on 4/5/2011
Wayne Dalton Wireless Keypad
  Easy to install and program. Works great!
  Reviewed by:  Marcus from Arnold MD. on 3/28/2011
Student of Life
  This was an exact replacement of what I originally had installed. Very easy to install (2 screws)and then reprogram. Took me 2 tries but it was pilot error the first time. Works very good, should have replaced the original a year earlier (original was about 10 yrs. old) instead of suffering through the worn out key pad.
  Reviewed by:  Dale Gephart from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. on 3/8/2011
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