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How To Program The Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Wall Control 297136

Posted by Jennifer Jones on 7/14/2011 to New Product Spotlight
The Wayne Dalton Wireless Wall Station 297136 is compatible with Wayne Dalton Quantum & Classic Drive models using 303 Mhz frequency (3212, 3213, 3412, 3012, 3016, 3512). Alternate part number is model # 02-3048U .

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Wall Control 297136

FIRST: To program the 297136 Wall Station to the Motor Head Assembly you must first change the wall station's code.

Before you program the Wireless Wall Station 297136 to the Motor Head you must first disable the wireless photo eyes (if you have any).

NOTE: Do not press any button on the Wayne Dalton Wireless Wall Station until instructed.

Altering Wireless Wall Station Code: To start first remove the paper strip from the batteries.

1. Push the light button on the wall station til the green LED flashes once and goes out.

2. Keep holding the light button til the LED starts flashing - about 10 seconds

3. Once the green light starts flashing release and immediately press and hold the "Light" button again. This time the LED should show solid green.

4. Hold the button down for about 5 seconds until the LED flashes.

5. Release the button when the LED starts flashing.

The code for this Wireless Wall Station has now been changed to a new randomly generated code. Now re-program this Wireless Wall Station to the motor head unit. Do not press any buttons on the Wireless Wall Station again until instructed  in "Programming Section".


1. Take paper strip out of batteries.

2. Press the Program SW button on the motor head assembly. The "Program Status" LED will light up for one minute. This means it is ready to receive the wall station code signal and set the security code.

3. While the Motor Head PROGRAM STATUS LED is lit, depress the "UP-DOWN" push-button on the Wireless Wall Station. The Motor Head PROGRAM STATUS LED will turn off, indicating that it has completed programming the Wireless Wall Station.

If your attempt to program fails or the up/down button won't run open or close the door you must change the wall station's code. Go back the the beginning and follow those steps.


A. Up/Down Button

Pressing this button with make the door open, close, or stop during operation.

B. Opener Light Button

The "LIGHT" control push button allows the convenience light on the opener to be turn on independently of door operation. Depressing the "LIGHT" push button when light is off will cause it to turn on and stay on until turned off by a subsequent operation of either the "LIGHT" control push button, or the operation of the "UP/DOWN" door control push button.

C. Vacation Switch

The vacation switch allows you to disable all radio signal, and push button operations when in the off position. The default position for the wireless wall station 297136 vacation switch is on.

D. Radio Transmitter Channel Selector

A three position slide switch is located under the hinged battery cover. This switch must be set to the same radio channel as the wireless beam system used on the associated door. Check the channel the Wireless Wall Station 02-3048U transmitter channel selector setting to either of the other two positions if necessary.


Date 7/14/2011 4:10:34 PM
Thank you! Very helpful!
Date 1/29/2014
John Serbin
I need a battery pack p/n 285334 . for a wayne dalton opener model BDOR-2000/ BIRW-2000 hELP pLEASE
Date 2/17/2015
will this work with older model genie garage door units thanks
Date 7/28/2015
joe fustolo

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