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HomeLink Conversion Kit 1

HomeLink Conversion Kit 1
HomeLink Conversion Kit 1
Average Rating review
Retail Price:$75.99
Sale Price:
You Save:$6.01!
Mfg: Chamberlain
Part No: HLK1
Availability: In Stock. Ready to Ship.
Product Code:LM-HLK1
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HomeLink Conversion Kit 1

This kit will make any garage door opener HomeLink compatible. Remote controls built into cars and trucks 2002 and newer can be programmed to work with this receiver once it is installed.  Also used as a replacement for garage door openers with radio receivers that no longer function properly or in situations where the manufacturer has quit making replacement remote controls.

The kit comes with one remote control. This is necessary for you to program the HomeLink receiver. Your old remote controls will continue to work also.

The kit is easy to install - the only tool required is a screwdriver
  • 1-Button Remote Control
  • Visor Clip
  • Battery
  • Receiver
  • Built-In Transformer
  • Control Wires
  • Staples
  • Instructions
  • Replacement or add-on receiver for ANY residential garage door opener
  • HomeLink Compatible - convert your opener to HomeLink
  • Plugs into standard 120 volt outlet
  • Rolling code technology for added security
  • Allows for easy programming with just a push of a button
  • Power indicator light
  • Handles up to 8 remote controls

All garage door openers

7 Quick Tips for Buying Garage Door Opener Parts

  1. You will need to know several details about your garage door opener to select the correct parts for it. Manufacturer name and model number are usually necessary.
  2. To find detailed infomation about your garage door opener, look on the garage door opener power head located on the ceiling of your garage. Usually stickers and identifying information are found on the back or sides of the machine.
  3. Garage door opener manufacturers change the frequency at which remote controls and keypads function periodically, so you will generally need to know the model number of your garage door opener.
  4. Some models of garage door operators use radio gear (remote controls, keypads) from another manufacturer. In this case, you will need to know additional details found on a currently working remote control.
  5. Use our Garage Door Opener Selection Guide for details specific to your brand of garage door opener.
  6. On each product page there is a section called "Compatible with". This section gives details on manufacturers and models numbers that use the particular garage door opener part, remote control, keypad, gear, or other part.
  7. If you are still not sure which part will work with your garage door opener, Contact Us using the web form on the contact us page. Please include details about your garage door opener manufacturer and model number in your question.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Does the job, but...
I'll just reiterate many of the comments: the install was easy, the unit functions as advertised, and the range is ridiculously short. I can open it from a couple of feet in front of the door and sometimes it takes several tries; closing is a bit easier: I can be several feet away. The angle of the car/transmitter can make a difference. I will be trying a different location and an longer antenna wire.
Reviewed by: B. Martens from Minnetonka, MN. on 3/22/2015
Not Supplied
I am very happy with the conversion kit. It was simple to install and was able to get my new vehicle to work with my old garage door opener. The only negative that I can find with the product is that the antenna on the receiver could be a little longer I think. It seems that I have to almost be right up to the garage before it will open the door. I am going to try to add a little more length to the antenna to see if it helps.
Reviewed by: Steve F from Greece, New York. on 3/18/2015
Easy to install and works great!
Converted our Wayne Dalton Quantum 3212 to Homelink with this kit. Both the 2005 Mercedes and 2006 Toyota built in Homelink garage door openers programmed without issue. Range has been same or better than the native remote opener that came with the 3212.
Reviewed by: Keith from El Dorado Hills, CA. on 11/21/2014
Descent Solution For Old Openers
Pleasant shopping experience, online chat was responsive and helpful. Product is easy to install. Only drawback is the range is quite limited, I extended the wire to the front of the door and still have to be within 10 feet of the door and sometimes it takes a couple clicks on the remote to get it working.
Reviewed by: D Reid from Pittsburgh. on 10/14/2014
Solved the problem of linking Homelink to older Wayne-Dalton opener. Installation was straight forward. Programming did require some interaction with tech support but they were very helpful. Range is a bit limited.
Reviewed by: Ron from Michigan. on 9/12/2014
I had all the issues of my 1999 Quantum garage door opener that was related to the reviews read. So I ordered this Kit and it was installed on two auto's with Home link systems. Installed and programed remotes and home link in auto's in about 30 minutes. Total time with instruction reading and labor about 1 hour.
Reviewed by: Terry Ridenour from Green Valley, AZ 85622. on 7/20/2014
Woks great with HomeLink
Easy to set up and install, even with our old Telectron opener. The range is acceptable, but much less than the old receiver which it replaced. With increased range, this would be 5 stars.
Reviewed by: Harold Gaines from Wellington, KS. on 4/25/2014
Super Company to Deal With
The folks at Wayne Dalton gave me super advice and responded to my e-mail questions within 24 hrs. Shipping was fantastic, arrived in 2-3 days. Only problem with the transmitter is the range. Does not work from three cars back in the driveway. A little disappointed in that but otherwise, I would certainly go back to them. Maybe the can recommend a fix to this problem.
Reviewed by: Dave K from New Jersey. on 4/4/2014
Easy homelink upgrade
Two wire hook-up and unit was ready to go. Easy programming for homelink.
Reviewed by: Wilfred Ferguson from Richfield, OH. on 4/2/2014
Operations Manager
This item is easy to install. Can be programmed prior to installation by plugging it in a convienent outlet. The only compliant I have is that it could have better range.
Reviewed by: Susan Hare from Brenham. on 3/10/2014
Purchased this for my home garage. install was very easy as was programing. Item works with my homelink system in my Honda. I do have limited range. About 10 feet from garage door. I am working with longer antenna and antenna placement to attempt increasing the range.
Reviewed by: tim from washington. on 2/19/2014
Easy to setup, I would have liked it to work from a longer distance.
Reviewed by: M0 from Williamsport, Pa.. on 12/24/2013
HomeLink Conversion Kit
Works perfectly and super-fast shipping. I could not believe how quickly this was shipped. Within about 30 minutes of placing the order, they had already processed and shipped my order. As for the Kit, I have one of the older Wayne Dalton Quantum which would not work with the Homelink button in our cars. This kit works perfectly. Installation was also fast and easy. As other reviews have stated, I should have done this years ago.
Reviewed by: Mark from Greensboro NC. on 12/20/2013
Great product.
Great product and very fast shipping. Easy to install (especially after I read the tips from others - red wire to PB and white wire to com for my model) to make Homelink in 2 cars compatible with a Wayne Dalton 3512 Classic Drive. Range is fine. My husband is thrilled as am I. We should have done this years ago.
Reviewed by: JT from Illinois. on 9/10/2013
HomeLink Conversion Kit 1
I have an 'older' Wayne Dalton Quantum door opener. It's heavy duty and works exceptionally well......but is not HomeLink compatible. I bought this conversion kit and it arrived in a timely manner; so if you order you won't be waiting too long. The packaging of product was very good so arrived in excellent condition. Installation was fairly easy...except with the Quantum you have 3 posts so make sure you pick the correct two for the connection. The programming was easy and everything worked the first try. Connecting the HomeLink to my vehicle worked on the first try too. I am very happy. one reviewer noted, the 'range' is kinda short. I have to be 'near' the door for it to operate, but that's OK. Better that than not have it work at all.
Reviewed by: NorthGeorgia from North Georgia. on 8/30/2013
Homelink Conversion Kit 1
Yes product does what it says it will do I did have to mount outlet over garage door To get better range It works at end of my short driveway I was hoping for more range If you can live with that get it
Reviewed by: G Smith from Garage. on 8/24/2013
Automation Engineer
The Homelink Conversion kit works great. Thank you.
Reviewed by: Paul from Houston. on 8/16/2013
The kit was easy to install and programming the remote to my car was successful on the 1st try. My only complaint is the limited range. Extending the length of the receiver antenna improved the range but still falls short of the range experience with the original garage door opener remote. I have not tried moving the receiver closer to the garage door yet since this would require installing another outlet. I can live with the limited range.
Reviewed by: Ray from Trinity, FL. on 8/3/2013
Homelink Conversion Kit
Easy to install. Once installed, my car was easy to link to the converted garage door opener with homelink. Only negative is that the range of the new garage door opener is limited. That maybe the system itself, the included antenna, battery in the remote, who knows. But the system does work.
Reviewed by: Jet from Streetsboro, Ohio. on 7/23/2013
Garage Door Converter
This product did exactly what it was suppose to do...we can now open the garage door via our cars. It was a little more difficult to install than we would have liked, but in the end it worked fine.
Reviewed by: Lisa Bourell from Woodbridge, Va. on 7/16/2013
I used this to upgrae my old but working opener so that it can utilize Homelink with my new car. It couldnt be easier to install but I wish the range was a little better. I have to be right up to my garage door for it to work. Could be other factors involved though. I would definitely recommend this product!
Reviewed by: Michael from Fayetteville, ny. on 7/8/2013
Working Perfectly
Had a problem training but I realize the the device has it's own training mode. Once I did that it's working great. Easy to install. I added extra wire to the antenna for better reception. Would recommend it for all Audi owners with a Quantum garage door opener from the year 1999.
Reviewed by: Larry from Alaska. on 6/18/2013
This was easy enough to install, but you have to be VERY close to the garage and press the button several times before it works. It does make my Land Rover compatible with my older Wayne Davis opener, which is why I bought it.
Reviewed by: Roberta Ault from MI. on 6/13/2013
One small issue
The installation was very easy but initially the device had a conflict with something else in my garage which caused the opener to only work from 1-2 ft away. I contacted customer service and Jennifer recommended moving the device to another location. After repositioning it closer to my garge door the device has worked flawlessly. I have the remote that came with it, another remote and an external keypad all running off of it. Glad to finally have a remote that works again!
Reviewed by: DS from Mooresville, NC. on 6/4/2013
Worked with Wayne Dalton, Quantum series opener. Distance is limited. Initially did not catch signal with its original Antenna wire, attached a piece of steel wire around Antenna. Works with limited distance from Car's Home link remote
Reviewed by: Neil from North Carolina. on 5/27/2013
Did the trick
Our somewhat older (2001) Quantum model 3212 door opener would not function with the Homelinks on our two new cars. This kit solves that easily. Receiver/transformer plugged in about two feet from the opener, in the same electrical outlet. Only needed to run the bell wire connection between device and opener those few feet but you get enough bell wire for a much longer distance if your need it. Programming of cars to the device easily done. Old remotes still also work to run the opener. Great product "does the trick."
Reviewed by: Kevin C from Fairport NY. on 5/14/2013
Just bought a homelink conversion kit and installed it. No problems installing it in just a few minutes.I had an old one and could not program it to a a new car I purchased, the new one solved the problem. The good part was i ordered on Friday expecting to receive the unit on Monday abut it came on Saturday. Thanks a lot
Reviewed by: james from huntington, texas 75949. on 5/9/2013
Homelink conversion kit
Install was easy, but the instructions need to be clearer about which terminals to attach the bell wires to. On my opener, with a wireless wall unit, the only wires attached to the opener were from the sensors (which used two of the three connections) and I originally attached the bell wires to those same terminals. Of course, it didn't work until I moved one of the wires to the unused terminal. After that, it worked fine. One last thing, I had to move the transmitter unit to a location where it could be "seen" better to increase the range. No problem, but wanted to mention.
Reviewed by: Charles Marino from Colorado Springs. on 4/30/2013
Conversion Kit for Quantum Drive
I found out after bringing my wife's new vehicle home that her Homelink didn't work with my Quantum Drive 3212. After an internet search I found I needed this conversion kit which I ordered and installed. Now my garage door lift works with her Homelink and the original remotes as well..very cool....Mounting and instructions very straight forward.
Reviewed by: Jeff f. from Perry, NY. on 3/21/2013
The conversion kit installation was very easy, took only 5 minutes. Once installed, it took about 120 seconds to train my like a charm!
Reviewed by: Jimmy from Moreno Valley. on 3/14/2013
couple speed bumps
After installing the kit, i had it plugged it at the same outlet as the garage door itself. only worked about 1-2 outside the garage door. called customer service. suggested that i move it to a different location away from the opener. i did that and now it works just fine. Just need to install a new outlet now
Reviewed by: greg b from gahanna,ohio. on 1/6/2013
HomeLink Conversion Kit
The universal receiver adapter arrived, the instructions were clear, and the installation was easy. Thank you.
Reviewed by: Jim Hampton from USA. on 12/21/2012
Easy Peasy
This was super easy to install! If the instructions aren't 100% clear so you, just search for 'Liftmaster 365LM receiver module' on youtube and watch the first video--really easy and step by step instructions.
Reviewed by: Stephanie Smith from NC. on 12/13/2012
LM-HLK1 HomeLink Conversion Kit 1
This product has converted my wayne dalton quantum 303hz to be working on both my cars' home link system. Easy to install. I've read complaints about range but looks fine to me.
Reviewed by: Jvco17 from NC. on 12/2/2012
Quick shipment, easy installation, perfect operation. Love the rolling code technology.
Reviewed by: Lola from Boston. on 9/20/2012
Tried unsuccesfully to connect several remotes and Home Link on car. Order the kit and PROBLEM SOLVED THANKS
Reviewed by: Wayne from Bakersfield Ca. on 9/10/2012
Does just what it says
Got here fast. Plugged it in, trained the remote, and them trained homelink. Was exactly what I wanted, and very ready to install. thanks
Reviewed by: Dale from Oregon. on 4/23/2012
Convert Quantum opener to Home Link
Hooking up the converter was a little tricky. The connectors were not labeled the same as in the instructions. I connected the red wire to the pb post and the white to the comm post. Also when syncing my car button to the unit, it did not work from the remote. I was able to set the button straight from the transmitter. Now that its all set up it works great, just took a little bit of tweaking.
Reviewed by: Kim Berardi from gararge. on 12/10/2011
Running the wire was the most time consuming part of the installation! Easy programming but the old Craftsman remotes would not program. Very happy customer.
Reviewed by: Tom from Ohio. on 11/21/2011
Great product - receiver is also a push button operator
After installing the receiver way up on a ladder near the motor...I realized that the receiver is also a push button operator for the door. You can mount the receiver close to the house and just push the unit cover to trigger the smart receiver button and open/close the garage. Good way to convert an old wired door opener to a wireless receiver (with the rolling code protection)
Reviewed by: Drew from New Jersey. on 11/10/2011
Installs in a snap, works great.
Exactly as described. Easy to install; just plug the receiver unit into a receptacle and string the wire to your opener. Attach the wires to the "remote" terminals on your opener, and then follow the simple instructions to train it to your pushbutton. What could be simpler?
Reviewed by: Jeff from Durham, NC. on 10/26/2011
The conversion kit works great ! It was so easy to install !!!!! It's so great a product like this exists !!!!
Reviewed by: Dan from Poughkeepsie. on 10/14/2011
20 minutes to install
1 car is homelink, 1 car is not. Programmed the remote very easily for the second car, and then added the homelink car. All done within 20 minutes. Figuring out Mazda'a programming sequence took longer than the rest of the job !
Reviewed by: Simon from Vienna VA. on 9/28/2011
A very easy replacement
I have a Quantum Series 3213 and a Homelink car. The Genie conversion unit I had stopped working.That unit required a transformer attached to the ceiling with lines running to the Quantum and a power line to the outlet. This unit is much easier. The transformer plugs into the ceiling outlet and two wires go to the Quantum. Easy to install.First the remote has to be entered inside the car and then the car has to be tied into the transformer. Both extremely easy once you know the steps.
Reviewed by: Jack Roeser from Davenport, Florida. on 9/18/2011
Great product. Easy installation
Reviewed by: David Kayne from Asheville, NC. on 9/2/2011
Satisfied Customer
Everything worked just fine. It was easy to install.
Reviewed by: Eric Skinner from Aurora, CO. on 8/8/2011
Easy convertion
I received the product in good shape. It was well protected and shipped as agreed. Instructions are pretty easy to understand and follow. It took me a few minutes to get it going and then I had to follow the instructions written in my car's owner manual to make it work properly.
Reviewed by: Luis Etchevers from Peoria. IL. on 4/22/2011
Home Owner
Easy to install, works as advertised!
Reviewed by: Delwyn Main from Sun Lakes, AZ. on 4/9/2011
Works Great!
Instructions could have been a bit clearer but overall installation took less than 1/2-hour. My Homelink system synced the first time, the old remote still works as does the new one that came with the system, so everyone in the family has a remote now. VERY happy customer!!
Reviewed by: C Sands from Georgia. on 4/7/2011
It works
It works. My wife installed it easily. The only problem I have with it is that the range on it sucks. We have to be pretty close to the garage door for it to open or close. This COULD be an issue with the HomeLink button in the car though. I have no way of testing that theory. The product works though and I'd buy it again if I had to do it over again.
Reviewed by: Robert from Atlanta, GA. on 4/1/2011
If you can read you can install this product
I followed the instructions and five minutes later I had the kit installed.
Reviewed by: Patrick from CT. on 3/29/2011
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