Weather Strip

Item includes weatherstrip ONLY - Diagram showing the gasket that weather-seal is placed into is for demonstration only. This is not included in your order, and we do not carry that part. Our diagram is for your benefit to help you determine what product to order. 

You will have to determine what you need based on what is currently on your door. Weather strip varies within door models, so there is not one specific type that works with each model. You may have to remove a portion of your existing seal from the bottom of your door to see the size and shape of the ends going into the track. If you don't see one like what you currently have on your unit we do not carry what you need. You will have to keep looking or call a local door company to order the part for you.

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Wayne Dalton Bulb-Shaped End Garage Door Weather Strip
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T-Shaped End Bottom Weather Seal
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